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Questions That Will Keep You Inspired & Focused — Racing Towards Wealth And Success ​

30 questions every future millionaire has to ask themselves
Dan Waldschmidt, Contributor  June 2017
The path to financial success isn't a straight line. Getting from where you are now to where you want to be requires creativity, resilience and years of focused work.
Building and maintaining momentum along the way is wildly important, which is why it helps if you have guideposts to keep you on your path. 

Instead of wasting months or years of your life chasing ideas that end up being distractions, you can see yourself getting off course and you can make smarter choices.
Great questions can be those guideposts. 

They force you to challenge your biases and examine your preconceived notions about the hurdles that stand between you and being a millionaire.

Post From Wealthy Gorilla
​10 Questions to Ask Yourself As An Aspiring Millionaire
By Anum Yoon
Formulate the questions so you can revisit them periodically as you grow and change. Reviewing and regrouping will help you develop a positive habit of self-evaluation – a key characteristic for growth, development and advancement.
Here is a list of 10 questions you can use as a daily, weekly or monthly checklist:

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  9-13-18  
chattels  Jumaili: The choice of the speaker of the parliament is subject to political consensus and has not been named a specific figure for this post so far
chattels  If the Iraqi speakership is now down to Salah al-Din Governor Ahmad Abdullah al-Jiburi & Anbar Governor Muhammad al-Halbusi (there were nine candidates earlier this week), Sunni politics has truly hit bottom. 

​ …
chattels  Ahmad Abdullah has actually served time in prison, got out through the amnesty law. Halbusi himself has not been convicted of anything, but his party, al-Hal, has a history drenched in corruption.

Part 2:

Frank26: “ THE KEY TO [this whole thing is like we told you] THE HCL… [like we told you on Monday]”
Let’s get this government to sit down. Let’s get that HCL going into the QI cards. And if you do it opens up automatically… what? We know Frank… it opens up an account for every citizen. No. It opens up a “SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT”
“The government announces that Iraq is out of the gray zone within the international classification of money laundering”
You know we’ve seen this before? Why are we seeing it again? (chuckle) It’s for a very good reason. You see… “Indicators of economy resilience and stability in the monetary system” Was the byproduct because of this right here:“ The government announces that Iraq is out of the gray zone within the international classification of money laundering”


Wed. Night CC  (follow-up from Monday, unfinished)         September 12, 2018
(Frank26) We now walk into part 2 of our Monday Conference Call.Well it’s Part 2 of our Monday Conference Call. I thought we were running very, very late and I decided to stop at 10:15 which was already late as it was, and I promised I would give you more of it tonight.
What we’re going to do is, probably I say 30 no more than 40 minutes. What I was going to do, I guess what I am going to do, is turn this camera over so that you can see this computer that I have on my Left side.

And what we’re going to do is very quickly, walk over just a few thoughts. A few articles. And then I’ll bring you back and I’ll tell you just a few interesting things, and then were going to play a 4 minute recording with Delta. And that will be our Conference Call for tonight.