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Samson: Experts put an integrated program to revive the economy of Iraq .. These ways of rescue

14th September, 2018

Held in Baghdad at the Sheraton this week a conference of the "success" in order to provide an integrated economic program to revive Iraq The group includes the success of a group of Iraqi technocrats such as economic expert Salam Samism have over the months writing an economic project to promote the economic reality in Iraq

They called on a successful group to rid Iraq of the deep state course that was built over a period of 12 years, because the deep state has moved the Iraqi economy, which is the mother of problems according to an ideological vision, causing the loss of billions of dollars without any significant gains.

In this important conference, figures were revealed about important matters that were not known, including:


HailyGirl: Private Banks

Best Banks to Stash My Million Dollars

By Tim Parker | Updated January 11, 2018 — 6:49 AM ESt
Not all banks are open to the public. Behind the front doors of the nation’s biggest banks are little-known  private banks  that are only available to high net worth individuals (HNW).

If you want to talk to these banks, you’ll need assets of $3 million or more. If that’s not a problem, keep reading for the lowdown on these banks. If that’s not you, take a look anyway. When you make your first $3 million, you’ll know where to go. 

(For more, see:  Calculating Your Net Worth: Calculating Your Net Worth - https://www.investopedia .com/university/calculate-net-worth/net-worth-calculations.asp )

Why Use a Private Bank?

By Julia Hawley | Updated June 13, 2018

Private banking and wealth management are terms that overlap. However, the financial services offered through private banking and through wealth management differ slightly.

Wealth management is a broader category that involves dealing with the optimization of a client's portfolio, taking into account his aversion to, or comfort with, risk, and investing financial assets according to his plans and goals.

Wealth management can be practiced on a portfolio of any size (though, as the name implies, it's geared toward the well-off: There must be some money to manage in the first place).

Private banking, by comparison, typically refers to an envelope solution for high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) wherein a public or private financial institution employs staff members to offer high-net-worth clients personalized care and management of their finances.

"Signs that the QFS is Operational" by Fireswan - 9.14.18

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 10:56 AM EDT on September 14, 2018

How do I know that the QFS is operational?


I work in cybersecurity for a financial services company that has received authorization to connect with the QFS. (Quantum financial System)

We have an authority to operate (ATO). For those who are curious about the geeky details about the protocols and requirements to receive an ATO, there are hundreds of documents with very detailed instructions.

These documents are publicly available to all on the NIST website. Here’s the one that describes how to obtain an ATO or interconnection with the QFS:


LC:   Off-Ledger Is Really Off-Balance Sheet Lingo In Private Banking

Dear All TNT Dinar & Open Mic Members;

I would like to inform everyone about my experience as a current private banking client of Wells Fargo Private Bank and previously with Bank of America.

I would like to put to bed about possible banks failures after you get your blessing from exchanging your currencies. You need to ask yourself this question, why do the wealthy customers don’t worry about their investments disappearing out of their accounts.

The reason they don’t have that concern is because their investments in the “private trust bank” is generally referred to as “off balance sheet” instead of "off-ledger" and therefore these investments are not owned by the bank and not reportable to Wall Street.

Additionally, the wealthy customers’ investments are titled and owned by them personally or titled and owned by a trust or entity you control.