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Post From The Money Principle
Heroic Mythology About Investing and Why You Must Not Fall for It
By Maria Nedeva

Do you remember the myth of Sisyphus? (Yes, this is the dude who was punished to push a rock to top of a mountain for eternity).

You have probably heard about Icarus who, while escaping from an island using wings made with wax, dared to fly too close to the sun.

Maybe, you have heard about the Argonauts; a band of legendary mythical heroes tasked with stealing the Golden Fleece.

We are not going to learn about Greek mythology but remember the features all myths share:


Wed. Night CC  (follow-up from Monday, unfinished) September 12, 2018

(Transcribed by Sunkissed and Dinaridori)

Frank26: We now walk into part 2 of our Monday Conference Call.Well it’s Part 2 of our Monday Conference Call. I thought we were running very, very late and I decided to stop at 10:15 which was already late as it was, and I promised I would give you more of it tonight.

What we’re going to do is, probably I say 30 no more than 40 minutes. What I was going to do, I guess what I am going to do, is turn this camera over so that you can see this computer that I have on my Left side. And what we’re going to do is very quickly, walk over just a few thoughts. A few articles. And then I’ll bring you back and I’ll tell you just a few interesting things, and then were going to play a 4 minute recording with Delta. And that will be our Conference Call for tonight.

So let’s get ready! Turn this Laptop around and Tink if you could please have it up and let me know if you think it’s centered well or not.

Part 4:

KTFA CC – 9-10-18

Frank: So, we’re going to walk into a little more in-depth with our study. 

Maliki said, they’re trying to form the largest bloc but that’s a bunch of bologna because that’s not true.

Parliament is saying they’re going to be seating, but they’re not sure about the quorum. That’s not true.

They have 163 that they can sit. Actually it’s between 177-180 that Sadr already has pretty well secured. These individuals are technocrats…they’re not your usual “waste of time” people…because the USA made sure of that.

This whole conference call is IMO.

Part 3:

Introduction:  Conference Call Recording # 3  September 10, 2018

Frank: So, those are two phone calls. Tell me by the way, are you learning? Tell me. Post. Do you want to hear one more recording? Or do you think that, that’s enough? As I prepare the third, final uh… I suppose I could cut that in half. But I’m just curious, am I getting your attention? Did those two first recordings tell you a lot? You’re all saying “Yes.”

Okay, let’s walk into the next one. We’ll see if I do all 18 minutes. Because then I have a lot of work to give you. Now if I don’t complete it all tonight, because these are all Walkingstick files over here. If I don’t complete it all tonight, then what I can do is I can do is I can give you a part 2; you know I do a Wednesday night call too, and right after that, I could do part 2. In the meantime, let’s start Recording # 3.

Now, um, I’m not going to explain anything that you hear in this call for whatever reason.

Call starts with big laughs.

Part 2:

Introduction Conference Call Recording Delta #2  September 10, 2018

Frank: Number 2 recording that we are about to hear is Friday, I believe. So you just heard recording on Tuesday, the day after our Conference Call. And now you’re going to hear a recording between me and Delta, still talking about, a little bit of what you heard, but B.. I.. S: that’s the Bank of International Settlements. You’re gonna learn a lot about it tonight. The reason we’re interested in it now… we talked about it just a little bit on Friday Team Chat, just a tiny bit, I think, I can’t even remember. BUT…

BUT… We’re also going to talk about Bluestar and what George Robinson brought us tonight. I was being attacked. And as you can see our attacker just showed up. What was his name Senso? (Jan: Senzo)

You know that’s interesting because in Spanish we call them Senzo.. means stupid. You hacker that brought down our website. We wish that your heart would not serve evil. We’re not your enemy. I can only pray for you. Just leave him also family. Pay attention to what we are offering your tonight. Because There will not be a CC next monday, there will not be a Team Chat, there will not be Saturday Q & A. Ok. So pay close attention to everything being offered to you tonight.



RECORDING #1 WITH DELTA                 September 10, 2018

Donald Trump is very blunt, and the reason why is because he is extremely interested in what’s call the Bottom Line: The profit and loss. He doesn’t want to lose money. He wants to gain; and he wants that for the United States, and for the American citizens ,and for the American dollar. And if you look very carefully at what he’s done, he has truly changed the face, of the way the American Dollar is being treated, by many countries… by the way, trade is being treated.

I will admit, it has hurt many Americans as well too. I’m sorry about that. I pray for you. With change does come pain. And I pray that it is a change that will be beneficial for all of us. Politicians will look straight into you face and lie to you, because that’s their profession.