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Post From The Money Principle
How Has My Relationship with Money Changed Over the Years?
By Maria Nedeva 10 May, 2018
Editor’s note: You, friend, already know I’m very interested in the ‘softer’ side of money management, including the way our relationship with money shapes our financial health and wealth. Having shared the roots of my money mentality, I’m always curious about it.
Today, I have for you a wonderful guest to share the evolution of her relationship with money: from a saving child, through a credit card wielding adult, to building a mature attitude to money.
Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny is not only a good friend of mine; she is also a woman, and a blogger, with a mission and an inspiring story to tell. Please, make her welcome.

​Post From MSN Money

​16 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes In History

​What has been your most expensive / costly mistake? Maybe it did not even have anything to do with money but costly in other ways -- Share in our comment section - Thank You
A Regretful Sellout For Ronald Wayne

Alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne was instrumental during the formative years of Apple. Afraid of past experiences and skeptical about the future, Wayne sold his share in Apple for just $800 (£516), 11 days after Apple was formed. According to reports, Wayne would have been worth more than £25 billion today had he kept his stock.
Toshihide Iguchi's Prolonged Miscalculation

Japanese bank executive Toshihide Iguchi converted a US $70,000 debt (£45,000) into a loss of $1.1 billion (£709 million) for the Daiwa Bank after he failed to recover a bet made on U.S. government bonds in 1983. Though Iguchi managed to dodge authorities for over a decade, FBI agents finally caught up with him after 12 years.


Walkingstick: Article is not accurate.... we are part... numbers are 12 -----> 9 .. already, calculated/factored in ......

Samson: Al-Hanal: The time is right to launch the JD trillion initiative

President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hanalal «Economy News»

The President of the Association of Iraqi private banks, Wadih al-Hanal, on Wednesday, that the time is appropriate to activate the initiative of the Central Bank of "trillion dinars" for the support of small and medium enterprises .