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Post From The Money Principle
Stop Worrying About Money and Start Living Your Life
By  Maria Nedeva   Apr, 2018

This is Exactly What I Did to Stop Worrying about Money…and You Should Try It Too
Can you imagine what your life would be like if worrying about money is no longer part of it?

Forget the opulence of footballers’ mansions, the private jets of the ultra-rich and making enough money to last you hundred life spans.

Sure, it would be nice. Still, this is not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about the dreams of riches and excess spread by Hollywood into which escapists and fantasists buy wholeheartedly.

Post From CNBC 
There's A Global Currency Crisis Unfolding That's Sure To Catch Up To The US
By  Richard X. Bove

A review of the values of 143 global currencies indicates that so far this year, more than 80 percent have fallen in value.

Persistent rate increases in the United States may be having very negative impacts on the global economy.

When well over 100 nations see the value of their currencies drop it is highly unlikely that the United States can pursue its economic goals unaffected.

If the currency of a nation declines meaningfully over a sustained period, it creates significant problems for that nation's economy.


Walkingstick: ftti.... The lower denomination/s and or coin/s will be not put into circulation, arbitrarily... Prior, to the release ...of any, bank note/s and or coin/s into circulation... Iraqis/ we will, read of ... it will be in print .... The when, why, exchange -rate, description/s, photos of..... etc: 

MilitiaMan: So by that it would appear from your view, they are not going to be random about how the roll it / them out. It will be done with purpose and effect, that cannot be misunderstood.. Sound about right? ~ MM

Walkingstick: yep.....

MilitiaMan: I can't help but feel that the meeting Alak was at the other day in Amman, was not for look at where we are now, more so on how we are going to move forward into the future with this calculation there before you all. lol Any where close to that? I can not imagine those in the meeting would not have a need to know what is coming.. ~ MM

Walkingstick: and more ..... yep.....

Frank26: YEP....... SMILE........ I JUST HAD TO SAY IT.