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Don961: Small denominations of currency

Author: Mohamed Sherif Abu Maysam 

24/9/2018 12:00 am 

Economists define money as anything that is generally acceptable to pay for economic goods or services or to pay back 

Money is the basic part of human life, especially after the end of the barter can not eat or drink or spend his work only with the availability of money has, after this simple illustration in this article explains the role of the Central Bank not to put it for small cash categories (250, 500) This is what I hear from most of the public when we rent a car or when we buy clothes or food. Economic researchers are talking about why the central bank did not print small (new) monetary categories and which department is responsible for the currency. 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday  9-23-18  Part 2 of 2

HoLeeRV  Sorry to interrupt your info but does it say what "trip" they were talking about?

chattels   HoLeeRV Barzani's trip ?

HoLeeRV  I reckon so, the condemned one

chattels  HoLeeRV Barzani has travelled from Erbil to Baghdad and Najaf recently as a representative of the KDP.

HoLeeRV  chattels oh gotcha, my bad, read it wrong lol guess I need more sleep

chattels  HoLeeRV Barham Saleh is the PUK's choice for President, but not favored by the KDP, who have candidates of their own.

HoLeeRV I didnt recognize it was THAT trip mentioned above. Whoops
HoLeeRV  Thanks for clarifying chattels

chattels  HoLeeRV Certainly.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday  9-23-18  Part 1 of 2

chattels  KDP won’t endorse Barham Salih for Iraq presidency, to nominate own candidate By Rudaw

chattels  The PUK officially nominated Salih as its sole candidate on Wednesday. Salih resigned from the party he founded late last year, the Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ), and rejoined the PUK as its second deputy.

Sunday is the deadline for all parties to submit their preferred candidates before a secret ballot takes place in the Iraqi parliament on Tuesday.

Since 2005, the post of Iraq president has always been held by a member of the PUK.

The “Real” Advantage Of Being Wealthy
September 12, 2018 By Mr. Tako

There’s a myth being propagated about the wealthy (mostly by movies, social media, and television) and it goes a little something like this:

When you become wealthy you can buy whatever you want, and you won’t need to work anymore. Life is one big vacation — filled with trips to the Bahamas, fancy sports cars, mansions, luxury hotels, and nice restaurants.

Maybe you’ve seen or heard this myth before. It’s pretty common. The emphasis is on the spending.

Those mental images about being wealthy are what I call wealth porn. It’s the plastic-fantastic version of wealth made to look sexy and appealing. It’s also mostly fake.  


JSL: Great to see that PM Abadi is in fact totally in the role and in command as PM right up to this preent moment. I follow his twitter account.

He tweets out his many PM duties he is performing everyday! Now lets get it all finalized and Get errr done!!! RI/RV time, Time to Celebrate

Over 4 months Now since Iraq voted. All the recounts overdone , all the paperwork ,everything has been done and redone now repeatedly.

No more Excuses! How long do they want to Stay in Limbo!

Well I would tell PM Abadi since you are the acting PM until they figure it out ,,RV! Done! Over!