September 2nd 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday   9-2-18
Chattels  "the Kurds have not decided their position yet to enter the alliance of the largest parliamentary bloc, and the final position will be clear before the first formal meeting of the new parliament, and perhaps in the coming days at most,"
noting that "the first meeting of the new parliament will remain open until the political agreement on the distribution of candidates Presidential positions "
xyz  The new parliament may extend the first session for 15 days


Article: “Pompeo calls Nujaifi and discuss the formation of the next government”      LINK

Samson: The past days have seen intensified contacts between Pompeo and Iraqi politicians to discuss the formation of the next government. 

Popeye7: As Walkingstick, and Frank have declared, this is a wrap... It is only a matter of "officially" declaring Abadi the PM... The president of Iraq declared that the new parliament would meet tomorrow as scheduled, and required in another article that Samson posted earlier... Thank you again Samson for your service, and lets just , and watch it all happen... 

DinarDiva1: Anyone see an article that states Parliament has pushed the first meeting back to September 15th now? 

Samson: Dinardiva - yes I have - about 50 of them - does no-one any good posting negative articles that end up being untrue and everyone thinking the sky is falling in, hence why I haven't posted but have posted the denials of it not being true so you must have missed seeing those. WE WIN.  

Frank26: CORRECT !!! ................... WE DO NOT PROMOTE ........... USELESS ARTICLES.............. TY SAMSON.

How to Become a Millionaire
Why is everyone enamored with becoming a millionaire?
Is it because having $1 million means “you’ve made it?” (or at least that’s what people think — depending on your age and spending habits, $1 million may be enough to last the rest of your life or may fall woefully short).
Whatever the reason, I certainly see a regular dose of “how to become a millionaire” articles (as well as interviews with millionaires.)


Debbie521: If Iraq is already Sovereign, why is the Rate not changed? Help me understand please someone.Thank You

Fullsail: understanding any of these issues from GOI is an exercise in futility. It is not for us to understand, all we are waiting for is Intl release where currency revalues to a expected attractive rate, other than that, we wait, so enjoy the day, wait for it to come to us.

Pearle: iraqs revaluation is becoming a political game

CaptWillie: Pearle, it has been a political football for a long time.

Pearle: i see where trump says he has infused the economy with trillions, i hope it means, whats abaout to happen


Samson: Let's hope they do this in Iraq

StephenMac63: Lets hope they do this in the USA

Al Sisi endorses the law to prosecute false news

2018/9/2 0:06

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ratified legislation on social media, saying that the law aims to launch a campaign to pursue false news.

The law, published in the official gazette on Saturday, puts the accounts of the social media outlets monitored by more than 5,000 people under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Media Regulation in Egypt, which is entitled to close if found to publish false news. 

In August, the Egyptian president approved an Internet crime law that allows authorities to close websites that publish content deemed a threat to national security.    LINK

CanadaGirl: Let's hope they do this in Canada......fake news has got to be another form of corruption.