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Doglover: Frank, if I remember correctly,

a looonnng time ago you said your broker would most likely tell you to stop sell dinars 24 hrs before rate change.  Do you still feel that is true?

Frank26: Yes ........................ But we will RESPECTFULLY wait for the CBI to post it FIRST before i say .............. NO MAS. Most of our TEAMS are in the same position. 

LIZ PULLIAM WESTON  Times Staff Writer

So your net worth is $1 million.

Are you rich? Can you stop worrying about money?

These questions evoke visceral responses from people, from disbelief--as in, Not even close! to, well, disbelief, as in, "Of course!"

Million, schmillion, some say. It takes a lot more than $1 million to be truly rich today, and to stay rich.

They have a point. To match the lifestyle of the average 1925 millionaire would take nearly $10 million in net worth today because inflation has gnawed away the value of a dollar like a termite through a Southland beach house.
... ​

Emailed to Recaps:

"Sensitive Key Info" - Intel from John via OWoN 10-24-17

John :  Sensitive but key info. Certain large scale Elders funds were part released yesterday allowing a number of South East Asian countries to start planning a new future.

Discussions were activated with London early this morning to start building a new special AU relationship with the only Brit they will trust and allow near the Depositories.

Now, as the Elders big money has gone East, they are looking to go West for help to London. It starts. Who next and how? So much is in progress. Each day and week we see who next. A step at a time.



Samson:  Globalization and Capitalism: Two aspects of the IMF's domination of the economy

24th October, 2017

The animosity of the working population and poor citizens of Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America to the International Monetary Fund has not only been brought by the IMF itself, it is also pushing some governments to speak of it in a tone of criticism that is always tinged with resentment.

To an opposition, a genuine and sincere intention, but an attempt to use - in the era of election campaigns in particular - to take the appearance of "progressive", not one government has dared so far to suspend its relations with the Fund, and this fact is not strange in fact such a decision means that the country in question He may cut himself into the sea The roads leading to international capital flows, and embraced his government to fall sooner or later..