January 1st 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Evening 1-01-18  
xyz: Contracts and agreements .. The most important economic (range) follow-up for the year 2017
Exit Iraq from the seventh item and open the atmosphere are the two most prominent events
With the important political events that took place in 2017, including the victory of Iraq to bring out an organization from the areas he controlled in 2014, the economic events were no less important than the "(range) role in the follow-up of many files for the oil sector - Industry - Agriculture Tourism - Transport, in addition to the file of the banking sector, which witnessed a clear development through a number of decisions and procedures reflected clearly on its performance.

Post From Dinar Alert
​DA Member News Highlights & Comments 1-01-18

Kaperoni Moderator   Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > 200 network fraud currencies threaten Iraqi markets
Kaperoni Moderator 200 network fraud currencies threaten Iraqi markets
31-12-2017 12:58 PM
  Iraqi markets have seen an unprecedented spread of counterfeit currency, in light of the weakness of government control over the traded currencies, which led to traders incur heavy losses .

The (Dark) Art Of Sarcasm
By Victoria Pendragon
SarcasmIt’s long been said that the pen is mightier than the sword and in no use of language is that truism more evident than in the use of sarcasm. The energy of sarcasm, the feeling that fuels the power of sarcasm is anger, pure and simple.
Not necessarily anger about or around the target of the sarcastic remark, just anger itself, anger that has been internalized and allowed to steep, usually for years, anger that has never been met face to face, never been dealt with properly, and so has had to find an outlet for itself; it does so at the expense not only of others but also at the expense of the person uttering the scathing remarks.


MilitiaMan: Has there been an auction within the last 24 - 48 - 72 hours? I don't think so. With this suggesting it is time to stop, is from the east to the west. Ceasing them is huge and that is what it appears happening and directly... imo ~~MM

Aggiedad77:  Happy New Year MM......am liking your opinion.

StephenMac63: The auction being stopped, and I'm guessing official on Jan 1 makes sense because this way it is a lot easier to have one clean set of books to work out of. So, if this is the case, then I would take articles about auctions continuing with a grain of salt.

I’d throw them in "Fake News" category because the media at one time was to inform the public but has morphed into swaying public perception......for a reason.  IMO, of course.

DR. CLARKE (1-1-18) - OPINION:

We Opologize for sharing our Opinions over the past 2 years. 

Today, January 1st is not over yet. Anything can happen, at any moment. 

In our very last Opinion Today, we believe what you seek, will happen Very Soon. Is that vague enough, yet direct enough for you? Regardless, this all will soon pass, in utter happiness & celebration, dwarfing any frustration, disappointment, anger, resentment, blame and confusion.
It will just be a memory.

Exactly When? We don’t know, and we’ve always just given you our Opinions, Beliefs, Guesses & other B.S.