April 11th 6pm

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KTFA Members Tuesday Afternoon 4-11-17 "News and Views" 

Mary:  When I heard the following fragment of last Monday's cc, it left me speechless. And family, believe me, that does not happen very often or very easily. Here is one of the countless golden nuggets of this cc:
Frank26 Quotes :  “They are moving in the right direction of the MR. I think that there are many pieces, there are many parts to it. They’re right in front of our eyes, wouldn’t you say Delta … I mean it’s very obvious what they’re doing.

So, to answer your question: I think that they are adding purchasing power. Inside of the country, they’re adding purchasing power. But when the rate goes up, it leaves the country to add value power. Inside the country a dinar is a dinar is a dinar; you know that story. Once it leaves the country, the value of that currency against other currencies is going to go very high.

That’s why they are going to managed float, fixed float – whatever word you want to use - to control that so that they don’t have the same mistake that they went through with Kuwait. Been there, done there – Jack Lew made sure of this in my opinion.


DR. CLARKE: Spring has Sprung. We were sitting out by the water, just a little while ago, here in the Caribbean (Gia, not the Mediterranean this week, thank you), and a large Blue Heron landed, knee deep in water looking for fish to eat, and gave us this message: "Something Really BIG, is going to happen in Iraq  tomorrow  ( Wednesday ), with regard to their Dinar." We were like "What?"

Now, as we asked for more information, something really odd, and virtually unheard of (which NEVER Happens).......happened - Another Blue Heron, flew down, and landed in the water right next to the other one, and immediately plucked a fish right out from under the 1st Blue Heron's beak (Blue heron's are very territorial, independent, and don't hang out together with one another, in the same vicinity of water without fighting).......and told the 1st Blue Heron: 

"You can come back and get YOUR Fish, NEXT WEEK. It will be waiting for you.....and well worth the wait......because it will be a bigger meal, than this one.......it's had time to GROW.


Tishwash:  it seems Christine Legarde was interviewd about Iraq??!!!

Read of the IMF mission's (term) interest peg to the dollar rather than a large reduction of the Iraqi economy


Being talked at length between the economic circles, whether legislative or specialized for what the International Monetary Fund for Iraq loans and its usefulness out of the current financial crisis in the aftermath of the decline in global oil prices

Sometimes some people talk about being open field ahead of us to get the facilities and loans and support for international financial organizations and countries major, in accordance with the international financial umbrella obtained by Iraq , up nearly 20 billion dollars, with what he sees others that borrow from the fund is very important for Iraq but also strengthens its position externally in terms of financial transactions ,

And sometimes others were skeptical of this argument, pointing out that, loans would not But the burden of borrowed state financial obligations and Tkplha debts for many years, with the facts that can not be overlooked after the repercussions of the occupation of Daesh for a number of Iraqi cities , and his successor from the huge numbers of displaced people and the destruction of the infrastructure of those areas, requiring reconstruction after liberation, not to mention the costs of these the war that no one can yet appreciated.