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Walkingstick: BR.....(by request)

Abadi's office: Disabling the adoption of the budget is irresponsible and will cause serious harm to the interests of the people   LINK

Office of Abbadi issued a number of warnings because of the budget: we will face serious damage

Abadi criticizes "disrupting" the adoption of the budget    LINK

Greenclan: THANK YOU WALKING STICK........At least ABADI is REALLY feeling the pressure cooker on him..........he needs to KICK SOME BUTT........He is saying that if they dont pass the budget DESERT STORM #2 is back with a vengence......IMO.....with the help if INTERPOL...


Chicano98: So the budget was NOT passed.... And we are now into March. So what does that do to the contracts that were supposed to implemented March 1?

Libertyu78: The budget needs the RI, not the other way around. But didn’t the IMF demand the budget, so does it have some interconnection with completing the MR? I thought the Kurds couldn’t pull this again without serious consequences? So how does this play out? What happens to the obstructionists?

S41755k: Interesting Kurds walk out of budget talks and arrests warrants issued. I guess Times up!

Boxman: i know many are frustrated...but try and sit back and observe...we may never see this again..WS, Frank and triangle, have all said we are observe and learn..just think how hard it is to move laws thru congress in the US, with basically only two opposing parties.. In Iraq, there are so many opposing political parties, sects and religions, its is amazing anything gets accomplished..


Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments 3-1-18

Enorrste  Moderator    I agree with KAP on this one. Once the ball starts rolling it will proceed quickly to a value that we can all enjoy. The simple fact is that there are now a vast majority of factors in our favor versus the few left that seem to be holding this back. I will be surprised if we don't see the float begin sometime this year.

Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Alnasiri: Implementation of the Central Bank's strategy contributed to the improvement of the dinar's exchange rate against the dollar

Kaperoni Moderator  Alnasiri: Implementation of the Central Bank's strategy contributed to the improvement of the dinar's exchange rate against the dollar


Samson:  Decision of the Parliament: the agreement of the three presidencies to pass the budget

1st March 2018

The decision of the House of Representatives Niasi Myanmar Oglu, Thursday, March 1, 2018, the agreement of the three presidencies and political blocs to pass the draft federal budget law for the year 2018 during the parliamentary session scheduled for today.
"The meeting of the three presidencies with the political blocs witnessed the agreement to pass the 2018 budget today."

Oglu added that "the quorum will be completed at 2 pm and will pass the budget according to agreement."    LINK