October 10th 10pm

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Notes From the Field By Simon Black
October 10, 2017 Santiago, Chile 
And the next government to be hacked is . . .

In the late 1500s, an Englishman named William Lee invented a revolutionary knitting machine that could efficiently do the work of dozens of men. 

Given how important the garment industry was at the time in English, Lee’s invention was truly disruptive. 

But Queen Elizabeth wasn’t so excited. 

When Lee came to visit her to demonstrate the power of his new technology, the Queen grimaced, lamenting that the machine would put too many people out of work… and she refused his request for a patent. 


Steadfast: We went from call centers on high alert and on call, to not on call and nothing happening. What happened??

Yada: steadfast,,it is remaining alert,,,they are ready when get the notice so high alert or not,,they are ready

LinnieQ: Something has obviously changed, Steadfast. I agree. No information lately.

Luvwulfs: The silence is definitely painful, but very welcomed. ;)

LinnieQ: This is so complicated and manipulated, I DO hope an pray that the silence is truly the quiet before the storm and not just a delay. We have no choice but to keep on keeping on.

CharlieOK: We've seen boocoo news seasons and nada. We have nada news now. I like it. Been there done that with the boocoo news. Time to turn the money back on

Yada: agreed Charlie,,,turning on the money and the rest of the non-dinarians will not even know

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday Evening 10-10-17  

xyz: Central Bank: foreign currency reserves rose 3 billion dollars this year

xyz: PM Abadi does not rule out arrest warrant for President Barzani
xyz: Abadi: No talks with Erbil without first cancelling referendum
subby: @xyz thanks...
larrykn: @xyz they are going to make them cancel that referendum, looks like everything is getting cut off from them


Aggiedad77: Article : “Improving the business environment in Iraq”
Coming to an Iraq we all know and love....IMO the BEST is coming get ready for it....oh BUDDY get ready for a change in our lives like none we have ever imagined......excited doesn't even begin to touch.   Aloha.   Randy

Aggiedad77: Article:  “Economic partnerships between Iraq and Egypt”
Thanks WS....this is IMO the kind of working relationships that Iraq needs....one where they can each provide the other with needed commodities and help.....
IMO a part of the LL (long line) that we see growing that will benefit Iraq and eventually be a HUGE benefit for the world over as they help to rebuild this nation.....so many opportunities here for the ones who can afford the process....IMO.    Aloha   Randy