January 16th 6pm

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HighlyFavored: KTFA Family….If I’m not mistaken wasn’t there a 4 pip movement done a few years ago on Jan 17 I believe, correct me if I am wrong. Not saying it will happen tomorrow but it is a possibility of a January to remember. “WE WON” “WHAT ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT” 

Frank26: NOT MUCH BECAUSE WS IS ................... SCANNING ............NOW !!! 

Wmb1970: And didn’t last year Allak call off dropping 3 zeros on January 17- ish?? Seems important day for major decisions.

BwSutton: 10 seconds after the rate change, none of us are going to care what day it was on or even how long it took. We'll actually look back on our days of camaraderie while we waited with fondness. That's good, but how much better is it to have that heart and mind in the last days BEFORE it changes. You'll never have this chance to laugh in the face of your trials like this again my friends. 


Samson: Zimbabwe : 'Millions of stolen money returned’, Mnangagwa

16th January, 2018

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told Zimbabweans resident in Namibia that there has been a response to his three-month amnesty window for the return of millions of funds stashed away in foreign lands by corrupt companies and individuals during Mugabe’s rule.

President Mnangagwa told Zimbabweans after meeting his Namibian counterpart Hage Geingob on the third leg of his regional tour to brief fellow Sadc leaders on developments in Zimbabwe that culminated in his ascension to the Presidency.


RvAlready: The GCR is an attempt to fix a failed financail system. Many here would be in bette shape, but the system is so shot that we had to have a Great Recession and TARP, on top of a system what was making the middle class poorer by the day….We wouldn't need the GCR if we were in better shape.

In the US, the rich are getting richer at an ever increasing rate, while the rest are getting poorer at an ever increasing rate

Drewz: I know giving is always better than receiving,,, I here is my little tidbit fir what us worth ,,,,"I am actually getting info from sources not affiliated with the exchange but some are hackers and some are tied to political persons and they have mentioned the RV/GCR and Gasara several times so it is out there!"  Im not I sure about this Gesera and Nasera stuff though lol Seems far fetched and too good to be true for mankind,, the cabal wood never approve lol

Timth2lman: Holy COW!!!! Dow just busted over 26000!!! another record....WOW!!!

Dec 01, 2017 Steve Moeller The Grief Recovery Method

Hardly a day passes that another case of sexual harassment is not reported in the media. The list of those accused in the press includes figures in entertainment, politics, business, and even in the reporting media itself. What we need to keep in mind is that only those who are famous on some level are named in the media. This is an issue that is hardly limited to the rich and famous, but one that can be encountered on every level of society.

While the greatest amount of coverage has been devoted to listing those who have been so accused, very little has been said about the emotional pain and grief that is felt by the victims. It’s certainly time to address that issue.

What is sexual harassment?

Yuan jumps to 2-year high, Bundesbank adds renminbi to its reserves
CNBC•January 15, 2018
(Adds Deutsche Bundesbank official's comment) SHANGHAI, Jan 15 (Reuters) - China's yuan leapt to its highest in more than two years against the dollar on Monday, after a Bundesbank board member said the German central bank had decided to include the Chinese currency in its reserves and corporates offloaded their dollar holdings.

Both onshore and offshore yuan hit their strongest levels since December 2015 in early trade, with traders attributing the gains in the Chinese currency to dollar selling in domestic markets as the euro soared.

The dollar index, a gauge that measures the U.S. currency's strength against six other major currencies, fell to its lowest since January 2015. As of midday, it stood at 90.825 compared with the previous close of 90.974. 

Russell Friedman  The Grief Recovery Method

One of the difficulties with hearing "time heals all wounds" is that sometimes people will then expect that, not only will "all wounds" be healed, but that it can be done in a set amount of time.   — it doesn't; please read our blog post on this topic --
So how long does grieving take?

Grief recovery itself is an ongoing process that takes work and effort, with numerous steps along the way. And its duration is as unique as every individual, because the ways people deal with their losses are unique to them and their personal situations.