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5 times you don’t need to give out your Social Security number
Yahoo Finance Alyssa Pry
 September 6, 2017

If you feel like you’re constantly asked to provide your Social Security number, you may be right! Social Security numbers were originally created to track income to determine your Social Security benefits in retirement.

​But now, a Social Security number has become a near-universal form of identification, and is often sought whenever you give out your personal information.
With this increase in use has come a massive increase in the amount of identity theft reported in the United States. In 2016, 15.4 million cases of identity theft were reported, according to the Insurance Information Institute.
One way to lessen your risk is to limit where you give out your information. Here are 5 places where you don’t need to give out your Social Security number.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Wednesday PM  9-06-17 
 chattels: @Cbar I do not foresee a liquidity event for us in the near term.
Cbar: @chattels right.. And mine at this moment is worth less than I paid
chattels: @Cbar But it is fun to dream, eh ?
Cbar: @chattels before I go, can you give me 1 reason why.. iyo
chattels: I will answer your question with a question. Given everything that you know about conditions in Iraq today and for the foreseeable near term, would you exchange one of your dollars for one Iraqi dinar ?
No, and the world will not either. This old man is headed for a horizontal position. Godspeed the completion of the Iraqi banking sector reform project. God bless us every one. Good night all.

Notes From The Field By Simon Black
September 6, 2017   Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile 
Why you might as well paint a giant bulls-eye on your bank account

Vegetarians be forewarned… you won’t like what follows. 

We slaughtered a pig yesterday at the farm. I have two freezers full of pork now, and countless strips of bacon curing in the kitchen. 

I’ve written about this before-- out here at the farm I’m able to organically produce almost everything that I eat... meat, eggs, rice, nuts, and just about every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable. A lot of it gets canned and stored.