April 3rd 10pm

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Dinar Updates Monday Early PM Chat   4-3-17

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Dinar Updates Monday Early PM Chat   4-3-17

JETSET says():it is certainly interesting to me that Jared Kushner just shows up in iraq..
Pablo says():Is Kushner snooping around Mosul to see what is going on?
Doug_W says():push that darn button ALREADY
Doug_W says():PLZ
sheila3 says to Doug_W():hey,ive been trying lol
Movack says():this button has a pressure problem I have been jumping up and down on it
Doug_W says():gasin weight then
Doug_W says():lol
Movack says():maybe I broke it , in that case i'll have everyone mad at me
Dallaschick says():Any good news today, just popping in???
Doug_W says():nothing U can spend Chick

Dr. Clarke Monday PM 4-3-17: " April is the Month....Wait for It"

From Recaps Comment Section: Link

DR. CLARKE: What you hear tomorrow, is "1 brick", which will be stepped over - not a "Wall". There's MORE going on, than just "1 big thing". A few days will bring good things....

Just a Reminder.
Most can't "SEE".......and then a few others, can.
Rock N Roll......in a sea full of "DOUBT".
Oh, and Egypt was in town, for the Party. Did you SEE?

Google Egypt.