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Some highlights from Wed. Nght KTFA CC: 12-6-17

Frank : Walking Stick said 2 days ago he has 2 things to give me….he will either show me the convertible currency, date, maybe even the rates..

Delta: We might see the rates before the speech….Going to be a great week a lot of things going to explode.

Frank: MR of Iraqi dinar is imminent

Delta: I agree

Frank: Walking Stick is a former Marine in Iraq has a sense of humour…..our time with WS is coming to an end……cherish these last days with WS…..all of our Team turn to WS..

Frank: IMO Retroactive back to Jan 1st..highly possible this is the last time I talk to you about Iraqi's over..that's where I find myself with you tonight..

China's Move to Trade Oil in Yuan Could Reduce Dollar's Role

China's Push to Trade Oil in Yuan Faces a Key Hurdle
By Enda Curran and Chris Anstey
December 6, 2017, 11:01 AM EST Updated on December 6, 2017, 7:35 PM EST

- Proposal for a yuan crude oil futures contract gains attention

- Success seen hinging on how much freedom officials will allow

China’s moves to set up trading oil in yuan have sparked enthusiasm about what could be a shift in the global financial system: a reduced role for the U.S. dollar. Players like Adam Levinson, founder of hedge fund Graticule Asset Management Asia, call it a "huge story" to come.

But with policy makers prioritizing market stability over internationalization, plans laid back in 2012 to start oil-futures trading priced in yuan or dollars in Shanghai that year are still pending. 

​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Wednesday Night   12-05-17  
tman23: read the Department of Defense report.......Iraqi forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated about 97 percent of the people and land that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria once claimed as the new caliphate.......STILL IMO BIG CONCERN IS THE MILITIA'S.... AN RV WITH VALUE TO 3 ZERO NOTES WILL HAVE THEM LOOTING AND KILLING UNDER NO CONTROL.........
blackgold: hopefully they won't have three zero notes but lower denoms or electronic currency with buying power


KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call 12-6-17

No Business Promos tonight.. Intel starts about minute 12

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639    PIN: 156996#

Frank26: this may be our last conference call

Favorite: Frank you asked us to tell you how hot this cc was: this was a supernova 

Lkosio: Frank, That call was hotter then a habanero, as hot as a ghost pepper! Even hotter then lava!! So awesome sauce!