May 9th 10am

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News, Rumors and Opinions Tuesday Morning 5-9-17


Chris05: From what I understand, everything regarding Iraq's Financial Reform process, is POSITIVE.

Also, IMO from what I learned additionally, it seems PM Abadi may no longer have a grip on the steering wheel, nor control deck, in order to land this vehicle at its final destination, called 'LIBERATE THE IQD'.

Perhaps there are newly self-appointed co-Captains taking full control now, that will be there in full control, until the mission is completed.

Remember Frank has taught us that the IMF and the WB are basically US focused/driven/influenced institutions that handle, manage and regulate the Financial/currency reforms and lending/ financial requirements for all nations.

Combine that with the fact we recently learned through articles that both these institutions have demanded that Iraq complete their financial reforms ASAP.

Combine ALL that knowing that T (Trump) will be visiting A (Abadi)  in Iraq in May, definitely before May 25.    IMO, T will visit Iraq, post RV.

These are my thoughts, that I hope you like.

Dinar Updates Monday AM Chat   5-8-17  Part 2 of 2

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

tman23 says():What started this in Kurd Parliament ? News sources will say it was Barzani's refusal to turn over power of his presidency.......
BUT recall: The Parliament speaker invited Iran to sit in Kurd Parliament sessions and consult on the voting process on how to elect Barzanis' replacement...... IRAN meddling in Kurdish affairs......THAT IS THE PROBLEM !!
Here is a statement in press by Kurd member of Parliament that I see being accurate......Hussein stated, it cannot be denied that most of the Iraqi government institutions are hugely influenced by Tehran which makes the policies for Baghdad.

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

DIGIman1 says to Doug_W():im so pumped and this dream i keep having...

Doug_W says():dream or nightmare Digi?
ol lar says():what dream
DIGIman1 says to Doug_W():good question....
ol lar says():do tell
DIGIman1 says to Doug_W():i dont dream anymore....which means it was probably the other one....
Doug_W says():ewwww
ol lar says():I think this week is going to be a very strong week for news
DIGIman1 says to ol lar():sure hope so....

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