April 17th 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  4-17-18  
KJWayne: In YOUR opinion, do you think we will have to wait until AFTER the elections for a RI/RV ? Just curious !
Clay: @dinard u 2
Clay: @KJWayne I do if then
Clay: @KJWayne CBI wants stability not another M
Clay: @KJWayne so does UN IMF and World Bank IMO
KJWayne: Thank You ! I ,too, think IT will happen BEFORE the elections.

Clay: @KJWayne hope you r right
Clay: @KJWayne how long u been holding
Clay: @KJWayne 8 years for me


Thank you Sunny!

Sunny: FRANK26 CC, Monday, April 16, 2018, "We are still hours to minutes . . . days. . ."

Frank26: (his opinion)

[Frank] Many firms told there would be a 24 hour notification to turn on ATM's.  There is serious, continual talk about turning on the ATM's. Lower denoms in the ATM's can't be turned on without a new rate.

[Walkingstick]: Article came out from CBI yesterday.  The document is 11 pages telling banks about currency policy, Including counterfeit currency with penalties. Read document (posted on Dinarrecaps.)  "promoting circulation of small bank notes..." "Bring damaged notes into banks, we will exchange them For small bank notes...."

[Frank]: This is HUGE. This is a blueprint and road map for monetary reform.


Appaloosa: OK......here we go with my story from 12:45pm ET 4/17/18

Local WF in the Big Bend area of north Florida (200K population approx.)

I was there cashing a check that was given to me written on someone's WF account. I do NOT have an account at WF.

There was a question pertaining to the check, so the teller assisting me had to go seek direction from the branch manager. I was the only customer at the teller counter at the time. I began having small talk with another teller that was standing at her terminal at the teller counter.

I said, "how's the new foreign currency upgrade/change over going. I understand that everyone has been going through training for it and that so far the tellers are happy about the change."

I continued by saying, "I'm sure being able to handle it all on one screen makes it a lot easier to expedite the transaction without having to bounce back and forth from screen-to-screen."