October 18th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday AM 10-18-17 

chattels: Iran has given US ‘slap in the face’ with Kirkuk: expert By Rebaz Ali 4 hours ago


chattels: Iranian minister to Jaafari: happy with what happened in Iraq


chattels: Back to our regularly scheduled program of a dysfunctional Parliament : " Parliament votes to reject proposal for second amendment to Electoral Commission law "


Samson:  China pledges more economic openness

18th October, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech to the General Conference of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Beijing on Wednesday that his country's economy would "not close" to the world, but on the contrary  "open more," pledging to treat foreign companies as "fair ."

"The system will protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors and all foreign companies registered in China will be treated equally and fairly," Xi said in his speech .

The remarks came as Beijing faces charges from its trading partners of protectionism and discriminatory policies against foreign companies .

In January 2017, Xi Jinping surprised the world by calling for globalization to show its benefits to the World Economic Forum in Davos , stressing that China would "keep its doors open" to the protectionist tendencies of the United States under President Donald Trump .

Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments 10-18-17

Earlier Full Post  LINK     

To Recap just a bit from yesterdays Post :

Mike Moderator: Washington Institute‏Verified account @WashInstitute 9h9 hours ago Al-Alaq: CBoI has instituted about $20bn in quantitative easing for Iraqi Treasury.

This is the CBI printing money: Credit Easing because he said that they are not just printing money to put into circulation, but they are printing money and buying specific assets that seems to be in a logjam and he would use that printed money to buy those assets to get those Markets going. 

( https://quizlet.com/68576056/finance-quantitative-easing-flash-cards/ )

That combined with this:     CBoI determined to retain USdollar peg.


Frank26: To me KTFA CC's are like an ancient manuscript discovered 9 years ago come this Nov 1st 2017. With the turn of each page ................. A New Discovery is made !!!

Tonight You will be given a DOUBLE portion of our STUDY. In a rather Unique way.

The internet has no idea the VALUE of when DELTA brought us the DC Video where ................ Alack had some Words in ............. English.

Once AGAIN ............ i will cancel our Business Promo CC in the first hour ............... Because the MR IMO has gotten very Serious.

Jester's Place:



[PollyP] Jester updates?

[Rebel Girl] Hmmmmm


[RPharmer] JESTER I may not be worthy but I want to be.