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Samson:Arab states end regional payment settlement mechanism

 22nd April, 2018

Arab countries have finalized plans to set up an independent payment system across the region after high compliance costs and global banks have reduced their activities to undermine existing arrangements

Correspondent banks currently make the most payments and settlements among Arab countries and act as agents for foreign institutions that have no actual presence in a country
US and European banks' tightening in recent years has increased the cost of anti-money laundering, while some banks have moved out of the market to focus on more profitable sectors

The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) said on Sunday its board had approved the creation of an independent regional entity to settle payments among the 22 member states
The fund did not specify when the new mechanism would start, but Bank officials had earlier expected it to start operating in 2020


Annie68: what a day!! yesterday, filled with expectation and today silence!

Red: According to at least 2 gurus we are suppost to go to the banks this week, thats what I have heard so far... 90 % chance not 100 %..... banks are getting eager to get your money

NetGlobal: Yeah Red. That's what I've been hearing too…. Well Sunday is not done yet - at least in the US…. Forex opens at 5pm est

Red: Sunday is big business day in Iraq….. Monday is a #2 big business day for those folk…. wyyyy they could be pushin the button as we speak

Elmerf23456: People copy and submit my stuff all the time to other forums. You want to copy something, copy this!

Folks...do not be discouraged. Listen Please. Do you own the currency? If so...keep it. BUT PLEASE allow yourself to not be on a daily timeline ! it’s not healthy and it sets your emotions up to fail.

Chattels & Sandyf Chat Very Early Sunday AM 4-22-18
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Recaps Note: Some specific chat posts were added from earlier chat that are related and relevant to Chattels’ & Sandyf’s conversation / comments – these are marked with *
*dinard: The typical economy in need of currency reform is cash based and highly dollarized, with multiple currencies circulating at the same time.
*dinard: a redenomination makes no one richer or poorer. Technically most redenominations of currencies are undertaken by using factors of 10, 100, or 1,000 and simply moving the decimal point a certain number of steps to the left to establish a new value. Such a change is simple to explain to the general public and easy for companies to implement. It also represents a clear way of monitoring whether price gouging is taking place.


Samson:  Abadi: Just as we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of building and prosperity

 22nd April, 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed on Sunday the importance of working for the return of sectarianism and conditions, while the bloodshed on the ground was "the greatest evidence of unity."

Abadi said during a speech at a large gathering of the Anbar clans, according to a statement issued by his media office and his follower "obelisk", we stress "the importance of working for the return of the situation back and the return of sectarianism and not to listen to the voices that do not want to Iraq good," noting that " Of our forces achieved victory in front of gangs wanted to return Iraq to pre-history. "

"The greatest proof of our unity is the blood that has come here on the ground," he said. "When the Iraqis came to defend Iraq, they did not go for political ends but for their homeland."

"As we have achieved the miracle of victory, we will achieve the miracle of the second victory in building, prosperity, investment and job creation."

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Anbar province to discuss the security and political situation with his officials.    LINK