December 5th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  12-05-17  


Browardc3: That link should be the lower notes on the way

randall g: please clarify browardc3, 'lower notes on the way' way as in 'nag hamadi way' or way as in yet to come?

randall g: or......?

Browardc3: Best news site in Iraq Tuesday, 05 December 2017 8:45 AM Baghdad 23 ° C Alghad Press weather forecast Main The Towers Interviews sport Iraq News Now Security of Iraq Localities Cordy The people of the towers Woman world Special files More Follow us on FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE Download the application GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY The most important Iraqi sites DOWNLOAD ON THE APP STORE Best Iraqi News Agencies Live News Facebook "Messenger" stops working in a number of countries in the world

DR. CLARKE (12-5-17) - OPINION:
SANTA has a special message from our 12-4-17 Post Yesterday:  LINK

Hope & Grace: DECEMBER 2017

Ravon Hardin (very nice): DECEMBER 2017

Cowhand: DECEMBER 2017

Ralph: DECEMBER 2017

Radiant Self: DECEMBER 2017

Jim Bob: DECEMBER 2017……and we don’t care about the ISX.


Greg H.: DECEMBER 2017


Alakhlok: DECEMBER 2017

Jay Robins: DECEMBER 2017

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 5, 2017

Remaining Cabal are being systematically destroyed on a daily basis. Most are either switching sides or surrendering.

The 800 numbers will be located on a website hosted on a quantum server. When it is time for the release, the website will be activated.

Special couriers will then be instructed to distribute the 800 numbers from the website to various intel providers and website owners via email (TETELESTAI).

The quantum website will also contain important information and instructions on your redemption/exchange.

The USD will be publicly announced as officially asset/gold-backed days before the 25th (Christmas) as an early Christmas gift to the American people from President Trump.

The RV release is rumored to occur before the USD is announced as asset/gold-backed.

By Jeni Powell

Take yourself back to the magic of early childhood, to Christmas Eve. Excitement abounds, there is a sense of joy, fun, anticipation and pure magic in the air.

​We hang our stockings up by the fireplace and are told that “if we are good, Santa will bring us lots of presents.”

These aren’t any old presents, oh no, these are the things that you have wished for all year, and Santa is no ordinary man. He can squeeze down chimneys, has elves help him make the presents and delivers these to your door by a flying sleigh pulled by a herd of reindeer.



The Central Bank has announced a tender for the printing of new banknotes SMALL NOTES AT INTERNATIONAL COPMANIES (Fireworks)

Apmcrx: Wow now they start talking..... is coming!!!!!

CBGolden: Thank you, Delta. Lower denoms for the citizens! Praise God!

Raoddog: Delta, wouldn't this cause people to realize the rate is going to change? I would think this would cause massive buying of Dinar if they don't do it soon.

AngelQuest: Hello to EXCHANGE WORLD......

I wish to address three matters.

1. Are we there?
2. What or Who has been the holdup?
3. What is NEXT?

Many new people to our dinar world have no clue who I am, nor do they know who any of the persons I worked with that use to base fact on FACT not heresay.

They called me Angelquest, AQ, Darline, Dardar. Many of the present so called "gurus" tout they have been in this for 5 years....well people that know me ,know I and many have been in the "facts and news"  for over 10-13 years.

We all quit posting when everyone ran to those that gave positive news everyday, then let them down soooooooooooo here goes.......