April 25th 10pm

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Declaring Your Personal Manifesto
By Angela R Loeb

Dinar Recaps Note --- Please feel free to share your own Personal Manifesto or one of a famous person in our comment section 
Do you believe that you are here at this time and in this place for a reason? That your birth was no accident?
Do you want to attract the people who resonate with you and your life’s purpose?
If so, then it would serve you well to have and declare your personal manifesto.

When you know what you stand for, you gain a good understanding of why your life has a reason. You understand what kind of mark you want to leave when passing through during this lifetime. When you declare what you stand for, you attract the people who can help you carry out your life’s purpose, especially those who will be served by it.

The State of Being Transparent
By Carl Studna
Have you noticed how certain words over time begin to take on a new or expanded meaning? We never seem to know who initiated these broader definitions, but once they hit a certain momentum, a massive wave seems to wash over our collective consciousness and we begin to hear these words being used regularly in a new fashion.
The word, transparent, is one of these examples. In days gone by, we only referred to this word in the literal sense as a visual description of a substance that you could see through. 

Today, the word takes on a broader and more poetic purpose as a metaphor for how present, honest and authentic we show up with others.

​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Evening 4-25-18 
JoeSchmoe: Sandy on the other hand, I can't figure out his agenda. He doesn't pump for anyone/anything except a LOP. No site etc. So unless a dealer is paying him so people sell back,then IDK
Clay: @JoeSchmoe y would they want people to sell back
JoeSchmoe: @Clay the commission fee
Clay: @JoeSchmoe got ya
Spectra: @JoeSchmoe Exactly ....The fact still remains we know nothing about who he is....NOTHING...
JoeSchmoe: @Clay we lose 20% each transaction, or thereabouts
JoeSchmoe: @Clay pay 20%

Reposted Per Request- Thank You Dr. Dinar

Chasing Dinarainbows and Unicamels

Is this thing for real? Yeah, this dinar RV deal. This entire GCR thing. Is any of this really and truly going to happen? Like, ever??

I'll bet there are quite a few folks asking themselves those very same questions right about now.

Not just family and friends of those afflicted with the RV Disease. Heck, they've had our rubber rooms reserved for us for many years now. It's nothing new to them that this once in a lifetime pipe dream has yet to materialize.

To them it's no surprise whatsoever that we aren't celebrating our new lives as millionaires. Heck no.