September 7th 6pm

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​Post From Dinar Alert
​DA Member News Highlights & Comments 9-07-17

Kaperoni: Central Bank reserves below $ 36 billion in debt and up scary numbers!
September 05 2017
Led government failure in the economic file management, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in all entities and institutions of the government, to a significant fiscal deficit and the worsening of the debt, where he stressed the economic expert, "Hussein Hinan", the cash reserves of hard currency reached to below $ 36 billion and that debt has reached alarming numbers.
He said Hinan in a press statement that "expectations indicate the arrival of the cash reserves of hard currency to below 36 billion dollars, which is less than the designer cash cover against the monetary bloc in Iraqi dinars, pointing out that the debt has reached alarming figures."

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  9-07-17 
chattels: Ministry of Interior announced the opening of the door to volunteer as a [policeman] to the ranks of the internal security forces.
chattels: A volunteer security force, not very encouraging to me.
Doug_W: that is a scarrrrrry deal "C"
chattels: @Doug_W Indeed.
DinarResearcher: Good Morning fellow dinarians.

Emailed to Recaps:

Payray: Article:   "Japan grants Iraq $ 270 million loan"  

I know some get upset with all of the grants, and loans Iraq is getting to help them along with their economy.

The one thing we have to bear in mind is that even when the dinar receives value, it will take some time for the Iraqi economy to actually benefit from it.

For them it will not be an instant increase in wealth as it will be for us who are not in country... But once it does gather full steam, Iraq will certainly be one of the more powerful economies in the world.

These loans, and grants are meant to ensure that the transition will be smooth, and everything is covered until that time comes when it will be self sustaining.


Militiaman: The new theme in the news, INTERNATIONALISM.. "confirming that next month will be approved electronic clearing in the payment of fees.".. International Companies..

News that is three weeks behind? Kinda like the 16 Banks that Frank26 told us about around three weeks in advance. Came true!

Abadi is feeding the world ever so slowly which is to curb speculation. Let's watch now for Abadi to talk Article 8, budget, etc.. imo –MM


Dinarwin: This is my first post:

My wife was at W.F. yesterday. For over 4 yrs. we've made friends with a Asst. manager.
My wife asked him if they do foreign exchanges at that branch? He said yes what currency do you have?

She said Dong and Dinar. When she said Dinar he jumped back and said What! how much?
She said millions

 He said in just a few days you and your husband are going to be rich.

I have always heard this happening to others but this time it hit home. Hope he's right on could sure use it right now.

He also said they have a De La Rue machine on site. So excited.