July 4th 6pm

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The Dinar Recaps Team

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The Dinar Recaps Team wishes everyone a happy and safe 4th of July.

Note: Due to the holiday, we will NOT have a 10pm (ET) email Newsletter Tuesday night, but check our BLOG page for any new postings. 

Hello Again Dinar Recaps Readers!

I thought it would be nice to share our tribute to America this 4th of July with our video of “America The Beautiful” 

I am a 11 year follower of Dinar Recaps family, and thought that your amazing web site could feature our video as a gift to DinarLand! There is also a free download for those would would like the song to add to their holiday listening! Hope you like it! And Thank you so much!

Press Release:
West Haven, CT, July 01, 2013 -A Fourth of July Holiday Gift of song from Rosefarm.Com. Charlie Farricielli, of Rosefarm.com International President and Musician, has performed a extraordinary inspirational interpretation of this wonderful classic. Charlie has colorfully performed this song for events like, The World Special Olympics, and featured at many world Sporting and National Non-Profit Events Nationwide throughout the years.


Okrocks : GM to all on this glorious Return to Independence Day! I am so excited about our future and what we will do to help America become great again... God Bless and keep you all

RTaeoGpookie32:  I heard it on the Big Call that even though USA hold most of the currency we will go last as this will move around the world! As you know this RV has been letting some go through to exchange!

Stardust:  IMO, when it is announced it will be instantaneous worldwide, all at the same time

PastorJohn:  As a Nation we are celebrating the 4th 241 birthday. Also we will celebrate 7-7-2017

Dallred123:  Why 7-7-2017

Ify:  dallred123 - might be referring to Christine Lagarde's "Magic 7" speech, January 15, 2014  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0lEl6IcTtw

( Thank you George for emailing this to Recaps today to post. )

July 3, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
The commander of the rapid reaction operations, Major General Thamer al-Husseini, had announced to “Al-Gharab Press”, on Saturday, the liberation of Al-Shifa neighborhood on the right side of the entire Mosul.
The security forces have regained control of most areas of Mosul, leaving only a few areas, where it was able to regain control of the mosque Nuri, the center of the alleged caliphate of the terrorist in Mosul. There is only a very small area in the old area where confrontations, clashes and a smaller area are under the control of the terrorist organization. Some are calling it just meters away from final and full victory. This was broadcast mid day on July 1st from Iraqi news media.

From Recaps Comment Section:

AlaskaGG: 12th man, So nice to hear from you again. It's been a long time!! I pray your info is correct; what a blessing that would be as I know many of us are going through difficult times. Thanks again for posting

12thman said: It has been a long time!!! When we were told a year ago that things were waiting for a new commander in chief, it was decided by all to just get back to doing the Lords work with no distractions. We knew one day we would receive the call from our wealth manager that things were truly in a good place for this to happen. Keep praying and the faith in the almighty Father!

Faith:  12th man , thank you for this!! Giving us a glimmer of hope again

The hope we can have is in Jesus Christ...Glad I can help someone along this long and drawn out process. We, our group are very encouraged by the call received from our wealth manager. It's been a long time a coming... and keep the faith in the One who will bless us soon.