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Thank You Judy

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 6 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 6 April 2018 by Judy Byington,

A. Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 5, 2018 April 5 2018 8:20 pm Intel Report: Shadow Super Intel Report -- April 5, 2018


1.The Alliance located and raided another at a Cabal secret underground base under Seefin Mountain, near Glenbeigh, in County Kerry, Ireland. Fighting erupted inside the base. Two Alliance operators were injured after they attempted to find out what the Cabal scientists at the base were up to.

2. POTUS was up all night last night waiting for the go ahead to announce the USN in the morning. No further information at this time as to why it didn't happen.

3. China has forgiven Zimbabwe's debt as planned.

4. All events required to finalize the RV timing release protocols were accomplished.

5. The RV is to begin at any moment.

​The Remarkable Life Benefits Of Silence
Omtimes Magazine  By Diane Wing, M.A.

We are bombarded every day with noise – trucks and cars going by, lawn mowers, sirens, television, and people chattering.

At some level, we have grown used to having a constant stream of sound around us without realizing the negative effect it has on our ability to cognitively process information and to express our creativity. Noise and silence have different and significant results on the energy around us and within us.

Thank You Pinkroses!


Bruce: Good Evening Everybody. Welcome to the Big Call tonight. The So called Intel or information I gather overall is pointing to very well for us. I am just going to start with Iraq because this where we usually begin in the past.

Iraq has done everything it supposed to do except make their new dinar rate which we knew last Sunday what it was, they have that rate ready to go in the next version of the Gazette. What about their budget? Did they do their budget? Yes, their budget went out to the Gazette in the edition that went out Tuesday.

That hit and everybody saw that the budget was released. People around the world were aware that Iraq had a new budget and it was not in the trillions, but in the billions and that made more sense. It showed the revaluation of their currency to be in that amount.


Samson: Is it time to delete three zeros from the currency ?

3rd April, 2018

The central bank submitted a project to delete three zeros of the currency, in order to confront inflation and stimulate the economy, but was forced to stop because of the deteriorating security and political situation in the country.

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Alaq, in a discussion session with the editors of a number of Iraqi media, including "Economy News", "The subject of deleting zeros from the currency is ready, but it needs an environment suitable to apply," noting that " To prevent manipulation and fraud by the owners of weak souls. "

The central government stands with the central bank's draft to delete three zeros of the currency, because it sees it "hurt the efficiency of the system of cash payments," according to the financial adviser to the prime minister.

Note: When KTFA uses bright red print- It's Important!!