January 30th 10pm

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Notes From The Field By Simon Black
January 30, 2018 Dallas, Texas, USA

GE Just Signaled The Next Crisis And Nobody’s Paying Attention

Earlier this month, General Electric took a $6.2 billion charge to its insurance unit for the fourth quarter. And the company said it will set aside another $15 billion over seven years to bolster reserves at GE Capital.
The charge had to do with long-term care policies (to pay for nursing homes and other late-life care) GE holds on its books.
So, one of the oldest and most highly-regarded companies in America just made a small, $21 billion miscalculation. Oops.
Keep in mind, GE’s entire market cap is only $140 billion.

​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Evening 1-30-18  
blackgold: when you talk about sanction on Iraq, first you have to consider who has the biggest hand in the UN and the IMF and the US federal reserve, along with the big banks. When you figure that out, you have your culprit
crank7: dave I did see that after i sent it but it was still my understanding that out of 7, sanctions were gone. They were a sovereign nation again.
crank7: Blackgold was you're saying is what Koonce has been saying .....USA

Clay: @crank7 hey buddy how you been
Clay: @crank7 still love Koonce
Clay: @crank7 he was my original chat



Stand4Christ: Hey, family, I have some more IMO thoughts want to share ..........

You know a few days to a week ago I shared something concerning watching for "the end of January" ???? 

Now, please remember that, this are IMO thoughts, but, as the "RV ball" has been in the court of America since the beginning of 2018, I think I might FINALLY see what America has been really waiting for ...... 

Trump's State of the Union speech on Tue evening, January 30th 2018.  Let me explain why I came up with this IMO conclusion.

First: Let me revisit a few things; some we already know; some I have shared a while ago :

There might be some sort of "minimum-30-day hold" kind of things since December 28th 2017

I like and agree with Delta's thought that, the trigger "should be" pulled in January due to legal issue (even if it means the very last day of January)

DR. CLARKE (1-30-18): 

Could the CBI actually print Publicly, on it’s website, a Dinar Rate of at least $1.00 - 1 Dinar,
FEBRUARY 1, 2018?

Did someone say, “This Will ALL Be Over, by FEBRUARY 28, 2018?”

We don’t Know……We were just Asking?

Maybe someone else knows?……. “IL-LOGICALLY” of course.

Dr. Clarke