July 3rd 10pm

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Post From TruthCall Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Early PM 7-03-17  Part 3 of 3

pizzaman: Christine Lagarde said the prosperity for the world hinges on the magic number is 7 :-) 07-07-17 haha
Brow: Sooner is even Better - Just Don't Think It can Happen - Maybe at the End of 2017 Very Questionable
Hoss: who would've thought 3 years after Abadi gets in as PM we'd still be waiting
Brow: Don't Believe in Witch Craft it Failed When the tried it on Trump
pizzaman: Hoss trust me this thing has taken some years of my life. Ive been in almost 7yrs
Hoss: @pizzaman just turned 11 last month
tman23: Love this HEADER...... Choosing the appropriate drainage system for the Iraqi economy..........

Post From TruthCall Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Early PM 7-03-17  Part 2 of 3
Whitelions: @BlackGold are you in a place where you can buy that amount of bonds ? I'm not
BlackGold: No foolin, thats my point
Spectra: so you think we have been suckered?
Whitelions: what do you care about the bonds if you can't afford them they don't effect you
BlackGold: boy the world is in serious trouble talkig to some people
Whitelions: only the compenys that buy them
BlackGold: They shouldn't exsist
BlackGold: Well everyone we have a nark in the room

Post From TruthCall Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Early PM 7-03-17  Part 1 of 3
BlackGold: understand that we are little fish, there are people with trillions that if the iqd even goes up a few pennies for a short while ,they can exchange and get serious cash. We don't understand pennies
BlackGold: they can keep us stupid for a long time pushing pennies
tman23: WASHINGTON DC – Holding a referendum on independence is a legitimate right, valid under international law. What the Kurds need to do if they want to succeed in this vote, is have a unified voice telling the world what they want in a democratic, peaceful manner, argues Walid Phares, Middle East advisor for US President Donald Trump.
He also said that US lawmakers are waiting to see what tack the administration of Donald Trump will take on this issue before straying from the status quo.

( Thank you George for compiling the questions, and then sending them to Recaps to post, along with the earlier post today. (LINK) )

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Q & A. Here are my opinions and my answers. Remember most of what I am about to tell you, most of you already know. The problem is you don’t want to believe or refuse to believe what makes common sense. God gave all a mind to think.
Instead let’s think! We cannot control what Iraq does. You want me to give you a “now” date and a “very high” rate? Sorry I cannot do this.
All of you actually have all the information. Yes, everything I know – you know. I am saying this because I included all this information in my 3 times per week newsletters. Enough to answer each question below. The problem stems in that many of you don’t want to take the time to read them. But I will me patient with you as I am with my children. I am here to help.
Kudos to GeorgeH for collecting and organizing these questions. I will try to answer them the best I can. Thank you George!

Jester’s Place: 


[Pollyp] Jester, do you see any changes in status quo?



[Pollyp] Jester, guilty. Jester, US Treasury movement in new notes?


Zerb:  Huge article.....directly related to what we need to see Before any RV AND GCR! Behind the scenes........get her done USA/UST...NOW JUST integrate and show the world without any fanfare that new asset backed USD! And let's party outside of baby! Banks start your engines! Ty don and Samson!

Don961:  Monday, July 03, 2017

Traders Leave Hedge Funds, Return to Banks

Traders who fled banks for hedge funds are on their way back to Wall Street.

This month, Barclays Plc hired Chris Leonard, a founder of two hedge funds in the decade since he left JPMorgan Chase & Co., to turn around US rates trading. At the end of last year, ex-bankers Roberto Hoornweg and Chris Rivelli, both of Brevan Howard Asset Management, left that London hedge fund for banks, Bloomberg reported.