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Samson:  Pathways to Financial Stability in Iraq

6th February, 2018 by Dr. Haidar Hussein Al-Tohma

Although many of the observations directed at the performance of the Central Bank of Iraq during the past years, which focused mostly on the sale of currency and the spoils of waste and corruption, which has affected the work of the window of foreign currency, the monetary institution in Iraq has succeeded in achieving many of the objectives of monetary policy at the local and external levels.  

The most important of which is to secure an adequate price stability umbrella to support the development, reconstruction and investment efforts and to finance part of the fiscal deficits due to the collapse of oil prices and costs and the war on Dahesh, as well as the central bank to provide the necessary funding to support the private sector and provide loans for industries For small, medium and revive the national economy and remove him from the sharp part of the crisis behind after a long decline in oil revenues, the long recession most productive and service sectors in the country.

Note: Recaps only posts conversations when the topic is of importance to all Dinarians and can help many with solutions or questions they may also have. Thanks to all who brainstorm ideas and solutions.....it benefits everyone ~ Dinar Recaps


ShawnieB: Morning. About yesterday's call... anyone else a bit nervous about the possible change of your exchange balance at a later date, due to the simple and quick verification process? What kind of recourse would we have if they came back 3-7 days later and say, " your currency was verfiied as fraudulent and we took the money back out of your account"

FullSail: I suggest make copy of serial numbers on all bills submitted, IF there is issue, have them show which serial numbers are in question, IF they dont match they are not your bills.

Carlosisan: Also, I've taken copies of "everything" in case the bank tries to pull anything over on me

ShawnieB: I think my best bet will just not turn over the currency,unless there is a guarantee that if there is a problem, they absorb it. F not, I will walk out and go somewhere else. Not letting it leave my sight just to be called counterfeit later….If the wealth manager cannot verify it to a guaranteed level before I leave then we cannot do business….Not that I am trying to hide anything, just wanting to cover they assets. Lol

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night  2-5-18  

chattels: Iraq elections: A very divided political landscape #IraqVote The announcement of Iraq's electoral coalitions are indicative of a fractured political landscape at a time when consensus is needed for post-conflict peace building


Dave: @chattels that article sums it up......

chattels: " Iraq is a flawed democracy, but in relative regional terms, offers some prospects for a new Iraqi government that can capitalise on the defeat of IS and deal with the underlying issues that led to its rise in the first place."


Stand4Christ: The timing (of the salaries) and the urgency (of this new FOREX rule being communicated) of these two events are VERY VERY curious !! Remember, it was almost like a last minute thing that they re-scheduled to pay the Kurds this week instead of last.

Come on, Iraq !! If you have computer glitch with your FOREX system, FIX IT !! Pull the freaking trigger !!

Samson:  Industry launches the salaries of all its formations last month  

1:3:26 - 05/02/2018

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced on Monday the release of salaries of employees of all its general formations for the month of January, while stressing the continuation of its procedures and efforts with the Ministry of Finance and the National Retirement Authority to walk the transactions of retirees.     LINK