August 11th 10am

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Bruce: Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight. Everyone just breathe in and relax and understand you are in a very good place because we are in an excellent situation to be notified very shortly.

This is based on information I have had since Tuesday night call. Everything is moving along very nicely. I will tell you for a fact stuff I know that has been proven.

Bruce: We know that Iraq was released from Chapter 7. They had an announcement yesterday from the UN releasing them from Chapter 7. The IMF also made an announcement last night essentially saying the same thing that they are released.

To be released they would have to have a rate on their new Iraqi Dinar.

​Post From BondLadys Corner
BLC Member News Highlights & Comments 8-11-17
Tlm724:    The Iraqi Trade Bank:  The global market has begun to trust the future of Iraq's economy
 Banks   Economy News Baghdad: The Iraqi Bank of Commerce announced on Wednesday that the global market began to trust the future of Iraq's economy after the issuance of the country's bonds worth one billion dollars.
The Iraqi Bank for Trade in a press statement received "the economy News" a copy of it, "The issuance of bonds issued by Iraq worth one billion US dollars in the global market exceed several billion and strong requests exceeded seven times the amount required."
He added that "the Iraqi Trade Bank announces the success of his participation as director of issuance in the process of international public offering of the Iraqi Republic for the first time, where the Iraqi government issued bonds worth one billion US dollars in the world market for five and a half years and a price of 100% and a return of 6.75%.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Thurs PM 8-10-17 
BobS: TEHRAN,— Iran has warned that a move from Iraq’s Kurdistan Region toward an independent state will result in the closure of the country’s border crossings with the region, Nazim Dabbagh, the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Tehran, said on Wednesday.
Iran has been clear in its position in reaction to the plans of holding an independence referendum on Sept. 25 this year, urging the Kurdistan Region to reverse such a decision, Dabbagh told NRT in a statement.
“It is improbable to happen [closure of border crossings by Iran after the referendum],” Dabbagh said. “No time has been scheduled for talks with Iran over the Kurdistan Region’s referendum, though they [Iran] have clearly told the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) their opposition stance.”


Aggiedad77:  Family.......Frank was in our Bible Study tonight and at the end of the study he offered up a few thoughts......let me share quickly my notes of what he said.....I think he will be ok with that......great news today from our friend (Walkingstick) .....a plethora of information.....information that he believes IHO that we will see the results of in 2-3 days....hmmmm that sounds so familiar doesn't it......

Time for the media to catch up.....well so be it.....

Frank says that so much is we don't know the date or rate....but there is sure a lot of activity happening right in front of us.....right before our eyes.....that alone gives me great joy.....there will be more tomorrow night on TEAM Chat......

So that is it in a nutshell for HAPPY....the BEST is coming.    Aloha     Randy
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