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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night 1-28-18  

meatball: please explain how Maliki has not been caught in the proverbial cookie jar?...... prosecuted is a whole different matter

[pm]Doug_W: when U find out let me know too Meat

meatball: @Doug_W lol.... he is still breathing for a reason

[pm]Doug_W: 4 target practice?

meatball: @Doug_W hopefully.... they need to check there zeros



Frank26: SFA .................... SOFA ..................YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samson: The United States is preparing to activate the framework of the trade and investment agreement with Iraq

2018/1/28 18:30 A follow on from yesterday's article

The United States promised to activate the framework of the trade and investment agreement with Iraq, stressing its support for strengthening ties between the two countries to build a multi-dimensional relationship through trade, education, cultural exchange, cultural protection, law enforcement, environmental protection, energy and others.


Stand4Christ: SOTU 2018 Preview - Trump Will Kickstart The End of Chimerica; What This Means For Markets - January 28th 2018


While the State of the Union address is rarely if ever an FX market-moving event, in light of recent comments by both President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and with global trade suddenly on everyone's radar, if there is one market-sensitive topic that may get a kick start on January 31, it is US trade relations with China.

Here are my thoughts :

Post From Dinar Updates  1-28-18

BGG: “Why Has It Taken This Long”? We Wait And Watch

BGG ~ When I first started hearing these reports out of Baghdad about this grand “war on corruption” Abadi has planned I was hopeful. I still am. However, there is much to consider. Far more than meets the eye.

This push has been going on since before the end of the fight for Mosul. Abadi started laying out his agenda then. However, one article from last week caused me a little concern, it mentioned Abadi might wait until after the elections to go after “the whales of corruption” (or something along those lines) so it didn’t look like he was doing it for “electoral purposes”. This troubles me some. It seems like a tidy excuse.

​Post From JC Collins Philosophy of Metrics
POM 4th Anniversary FREEPOM & Reader Comments

Time flies.

It's been four years since I started POM. The site and community has grown and taken on a life of its own. The last year has seen the roll out of a new site look with some slight subscription database issues at the beginning. Appreciate everyones patience as we trundled through that experience.

Research on the international monetary system and the history of central banking led to some interesting side roads which have since turned into our main thoroughfare. 
The Crown Beast series, and related double-headed eagle and Protestant Reformation research, has opened new doors of understanding around the past and the future strategies which are unfolding in the cultural, monetary and geopolitical worlds.

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 28, 2018

Yesterday it was rumored that the RV would be released after Trump's State of the Union address this Tuesday.

The optimal RV release times are 11:58 PM or 12:01 AM every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Several sources are being told the RV is to begin early this week which aligns with yesterday's rumors.

Meanwhile on the war-front. The Alliance continues to monitor back door channels and maintain a high security alert status for any further cabal attacks.

No further information is available at this time.

Operation Disclosure