September 18th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 9-18-17 
JoeSchmoe: Hey I have a question for any long time dinar holders in here. Has anyone ever purchased their dinar from GIDassociates or Dinar Banker?
Zig: @JoeSchmoe : :Welcome
Zig: @JoeSchmoe : Be will get answered but sometimes it takes a little time this early..... :)
JoeSchmoe: and what ever became of that whole Sterling Currency Group thing? I know the two I mentioned were a part of I am wondering if all my dinar is good? 


Walkingstick: Transcript of Interview With Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

September 16, 2017 8:10  BAGHDAD — 

A transcript of an interview Saturday with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi by The Associated Press.

AP: Thank you mister prime minister for having The Associated Press here in Baghdad.
Al-Abadi: Welcome.

AP: I'm going to start off by asking you about the referendum that is upcoming in the Kurdish region in Iraq. It appears the referendum is going to go ahead as planned on Sept. 25 and if it is held, I'm interested in what your response will be.

Al-Abadi: Well our position is that it is unconstitutional, it is illegal, there is nothing that will be taken seriously out of it. It's like taking public opinion but for us it is illegal, it clearly contradicts the constitution. And especially when it's done with a vision that there is a problem within the region itself, the Kurdish region.

Post From Philosophy of Metrics (Free Side)
North Korea and the Anglo-American Establishment
Jcollins September 10, 2017 FREEPOM, Geopolitical
It has long been suggested here on POM that North Korea is a puppet state of the West. This has been covered in the following articles:
Is North Korea an American Puppet State – October 21, 2016
The Convenience of the North Korean Threat – March 9, 2017
North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran – August 9, 2017.
Each of the above articles presents a strategy of containment and control of the Eurasian continent and its emerging Union. This thesis has been further expanded upon in the post The Great War for Eurasia (FREEPOM). All readers should revisit all articles as the unfolding drama with North Korea is about much more than nuclear weapons.


Cole: Frankie you sure are being silent.. just like the still of the night. We love you sir... have a blessed day

Frank26: Have no choice IMO ............... As i said last WEDNESDAY CC ........... Our STUDY and SHARING has reached a narrowing ........... Causing what i called a Venturi Effect. 

There is a Compression of Time and Space in what we decide to say nowadays.

IMO ......... This Reality is due to what we suggested long before it was in the media ............ That "A" would make a speech at the UN by the end of September .......... And here we are........ Waiting for it possibly on this coming Thursday. 

Leaving me with few to less Words. 

Infact .......... Tonight's MONDAY CC will be done within ONE HOUR.

C U on Your M CC (7:00 EST) Aloha \m/


SteelyJan: Thursday Sept 21, between A's make a the world #9

JesusLovesBaseball: Very interesting! Thanks SteelyJan for sharing and finding this schedule!! 9 am - 1 pm with 19 countries scheduled for Thursday in that time slot. Roughly that gives each country about 12 and a half minutes if the time is divided evenly and all countries choose to take that amount of time.

In some articles, I believe they mentioned Iraq would get 30 min. After the morning session, there is a 2-hour break before the afternoon session begins. I'm not sure if some of that time is reserved in case they run overtime. (IMO)

Kim Clement was definitely a prophet!! The 21st is the last day of the summer = absolutely mind-blowing!! Abadi spoke on the 22nd last year, so I guess last year was not the right time IMO.