February 7th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 2-7-18  

BobS: 07 February 2018 06:03 PM Mubasher : Analysts predict that the market value of e-currency trillion dollars, and the value of the currency, "Betquin" to $ 50 thousand dollars.

In a statement to CNBC on Wednesday, Thomas Glucksman, chairman of ABC, said that the growing recognition of e-currency platforms by regulators and the large technological developments would contribute to the E-currency prices to their highest levels ever in the current year. He added that it is possible that the value of "Betquin" to $ 50 thousand dollars by December.

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 7, 2018

Memo's exposing corruption within the U.S. government will continue to be released to make way for the restored Republic.

Previous reports stated that the activation of the new financial system was announced to world leaders at the Davos summit last month.

World leaders were also informed about the stock market falling which is just now beginning.

It is all part of the transition from old to new.

The stock market will continue to fall as more Cabal are forced to pull out of the old financial system.

The new financial system will replace the old financial system before the stock market crashes.

There will be no chaos.

Multiple sources are indicating the 800#'s are to be released today or tomorrow.

Operation Disclosure

​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
February 6, 2018  Santiago, Chile

No. It’s Not Over

Last night I was checking out tickets for some upcoming travel.

I’ll be headed to Colombia soon to check on the progress of a large cannabis investment we’ve made there, then off to Miami for an event with our Total Access members.

After that it’s Puerto Rico to meet with some officials there and check out some exciting investment opportunities on the island.

And then finally back to Asia where we’re setting up a new factory for a business I recently acquired.

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I found a ticket for all that travel for just $2800-- in business clas.


Ecubucs: Along with the IQD, Treasury Vault has now also halted the sell of the India Rupee, Afghanistan Afghani, Egyptian Pound, Turkish Lira and the Syria Pound. Continue to watch for any more changes..

Kue911: If you try to order dinar from Exchange of America it says BACK ORDER.

Demarph: went to the www.treasuryvault.com website and all the Iraq Dinar denominations selected say the same thing: There are no products matching the selection. sounds good to me!!

Nichols: A friend of mine purchased one million dong last Monday from travelex at the airport in New York and was told by the sales person "today is your lucky day because that is all we have.

DHam6270: i just checked three sites and they have dinar 25,000 notes all are above 1050/m



Hazen: Great banter between Frank & Walkstick.....the clock is ticking....(does that mean it's started?). Let's find that 2nd article.....where are you??  Frank, will the 2nd article come out before RI?  

Manu68: :  If i remember correctly, it was simultaneously or just after (anyone correct me if i’m wrong)

HighlyFavored: I believe you are correct. Its been said that it will go hand in hand simultaneously. 

GFulcher66: yup, it may come after/simultaneously with the fireworks

Frank26: 2ND ARTICLE IS THE RI................ LOOK AT YOUR NOTES.