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Delta and KTFA Members Late Friday Night 6-2-17



Security Council

7854th Meeting (AM)

Security Council Authorizes Continued Maintenance of Iraq Escrow Account, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2335 (2016)

The Security Council today authorized the Secretary-General to continue to maintain the escrow account authorized by resolution 1958 (2010), and to retain the funds contained therein until 30 June 2017, at which time all remaining funds would be transferred to the Government of Iraq.

Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat   6-2-17   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

subgirl says to feebslayer():Iraq's army is fighting ISIS with bulldozers
In the city of Mosul, the fight between Iraqi forces and ISIS fighters unfolds block by block — and bulldozers are leading the charge.
Mosul is critical to both sides and, although ISIS retains control over only a few neighborhoods in the western part of city, its fighters are entrenched, digging trenches and planting bombs along the streets. 

Through eight months of almost constant combat, Iraqi forces have come to rely on bulldozer drivers to clear a path forward.

Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat   6-2-17   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

jeffusa8106870448557652 says():Top ISIS leader, Abu Abdel-Rahman, killed in Mosul
Federal police forces declared on Friday that a top ISIS leader has been killed in the district along with several of his aides.
The Iraqi forces neutralized the top ISIS terrorist nicknamed Abu Abdel-Rahman who was in charge of the brutal religious police of the terror group, a statement released by the police's command said.
The police's command also stated the forces are now controlling 40 percent of the territories of al-Zanjili district in the right bank of Mosul in Nineveh governorate.
The federal police is continuing its cautious progress in the district, and it opened safe passages for civilians to get out of the ISIS-held parts of the district, it added.

Full Wednesday Night KTFA CC Notes 5-31-17  Part 2 of 2

Frank26:  Now let me just tell you one more quick little thing because then what I want to do is play a recording for you….Iraq buys 30,000 tons of rice from America…..these contractors we talked to you about on Monday they are buying goods and services for the Iraqi citizens….so they can buy them with the Iraq dinar…and they are…

I would like to suggest that if you want to study this issue….and the gravity behind it….the immenseness behind this purchase of rice….I would like to turn your attention to another member of our forum by the name of Tpnoble53….they made a post #181 on yesterday’s thread, page 10…..

I really recommend you go look at it…you see he is a retired farmer….instead of reading it I will ask you to go and check it out….here is a retired farmer that broke down what 30,000 tons of rice is like….the citizens are receiving the purchasing power….the propaganda of the Monetary Reform…they know….they are understanding….they are learning….it is all good.

Full Wednesday Night KTFA CC Notes 5-31-17  Part 1 of 2


Aggiedad77:  Here are the notes from the Wednesday CC....enjoy  Aloha  Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
CC Notes Monday 05-31-2017
Frank26:  Family we walk into the second part of our conference call tonight the study of our investment, the Iraqi dinar.
Now once again our last CC on Monday…..all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father….it was rather powerful…it had some amazing information in there.
DELTA tried to call me Monday night after our CC, but I had him leave a message, then I left him a message that said I would call him on Tuesday….

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Friday Night 6-2-17

"What's the Hold up?" by (Anonymous) - 6.2.17

Below is the definitive answer/answers:

Firstly, all must understand that the Elders, their reps, the auditors, the legal teams, the banks/bankers and a few military folks were given specific instructions to absolutely and positively ensure that ALL transactions were audited, to whatever degree necessary, before the recipients of tier 2 or 3 funds were given access to funds/made "liquid".

ANY suspicious/anomalous activity/paperwork was/is to receive immediate attention prior to continuing processing of that account, no "friendly" or preferential treatment is given to ANYONE nor ANY account. This is a tedious and time-consuming process, but one that was deemed to be absolutely necessary to make certain that no "bad people" were funded.

When it was decided to make provisions for the lower level banks to be participants in the mass exchange process, to allow them to "get paid" for their future participation, another minor delay resulted since this part of the industry needed to be brought up to speed on the hows and why's of the exchange process.

"Overdue"-GCR/RV Op-Ed- Friday June 2, 2017

Pregnancy is that wonderful time in a woman's life, when she's acutely aware of how beautiful, magical and, oh yeah, uncomfortable knowing what child birth will bring.

Most women who hit full term (and edge past the 40 week mark) will tell you that the joy and excitement of pregnancy quickly fades the more overdue their child's actually delivery date becomes.

For some reason (probably pain), those last few weeks of pregnancy seem to last much longer than all the other weeks combined.

With great regularity children are delivered healthy well beyond their original 40 week delivery date. Yet some mothers struggle to remain positive that "today is the day."