May 26th 10am

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Restored Republic Via a GCR Rumors and more 5-26-17

(Note: This content is for general information purposes only. All information given is the sole opinion of the providers. Please consider everything as “RUMOR” until we are at the banks….at this point No-One knows exactly how the RV/GCR Roll-out will happen… is just best to be prepared for several different scenarios…All intel providers have different sources that they trust….none of us know at this point what info is real and what could be misinfo…..just be prepared for all scenarios.……Thank You)
Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 26 2017

Compiled 12:25 am EDT 26 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 25 2017 7:00 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 7:00 PM EDT - Thursday - May 25, 2017

1. Now 25,000 North American intake points for RV currency.

2. ZIM specific redemption location protocol has been changed.

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.   

So now Mnt Goat has to clarify yet more of these ridiculous rumors.

One rumors is Mosul is “fully” liberated. We all know, by the dozens of recent articles as of lately, this is simply not the case. So why even spread such rumors?  

The next rumor is some say the RV will be “wrapping up by this coming weekend, at the edge of Ramadan”. Really? So just how do you think they plan to do this? Where are the FACTS and PROOF?  

There is not even, as of yet, any significant change in the value of the dinar (revaluation) in-country or elsewhere and certainly no lower denominations or new coins have been made public.

China Defended Its Yuan Exchange-Rate Policy

China says its currency policy is actually doing the US a favor
 South China Morning Post
Frank Tang, South China Morning Post
China defended its yuan exchange-rate policy and its interventions in the foreign exchange market on Thursday, saying it hasn’t manipulated its currency but instead sacrificed some of China’s interests to help the world, including the US.
The yuan comments were part of a 117-page report on Sino-US trade relations published by the Ministry of Commerce, and are a response to allegations that China is deliberately manipulating its exchange rate to help its exporters.

Frank26 and KTFA Members Late Thursday PM 5-25-17


Frank26: First of all ................. US Marines are about to deal with the IMIF/Popular Crowd............. They are draining the Swamps.
Escorting them back to Iran.
This plus The UST list of 795 is IMO part of the Lava Flow.
Second ............. As we SHARED on WEDNESDAY CC ............... DODD/FRANK is replied.
The portion that we wanted removed is gone............. Activated today.
This will help the "GO" Deals.

Dinarland "News and Views" Thursday Night 5-25-17


AnimatedRock:  IF a "delete the zeroes" approach is implemented, this DOES NOT help our situation at all. And it is not an RV. !

SurfingWolf:  Delete the zeros is not     25,000 ---> 25 (lop)

but rather     .0008 ---> .8

if they intended to lop the currency... there's much less need to reform their economy, banking systems etc. while it's still a major change for a currency... it's not nearly as critical as the expected RV.

 They could "just do it" and probably would have. Lops are common among countries who have experienced significant inflation which leads to high denomination notes. Iraq did not end up with 25ks through inflation, but imposition of program rate.

There's no way the imf/wB/USA/countless other governments and institutions would have invested so much in Iraqs reforms.

Much of the world is counting on iraqs monetary reform process. At least, there's a lot of evidence for this being the case