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Don961: Dr. Haider Hussein Al-Tohma and D. Hashim Marzouk Shammari *: Oil and trends in monetary policy in Iraq: an academic approach

Dr. Haider Hussein Al-Tohma and D. Hashim Marzouk Al-Shammari: * Oil and trends in monetary policy in Al-Arak: an academic approach.

The Eastern economy faces complex economic challenges that threaten short- and medium-term growth prospects. The decline of oil revenues to below the levels of public expenditure and the costs of rehabilitation and reconstruction of liberated areas and production ceilings imposed by the new oil agreement on the oil pumps and the continued erosion of the central bank reserves and the risk of floating the dinar and the exclusion of inflation rates out of control

By Noah St. John
Do you sometimes say “yes” even when you want to say no? Highly successful people understand the importance of saying “no” even when other people want you to say “yes”.
This is why I call this the Power Habit of “Finding Your No.”
Many people have “lost their no” – meaning they feel guilty when they say no and end up saying “yes” even when they don’t want to.

By Lisa White

Gratitude…it’s one of the words that we use over and over to express our appreciation for what we have in our lives whether it’s tangible or intangible. We are taught to have an “attitude of gratitude” as a way of good living.

To be seen as not grateful is to be seen as selfish and greedy. Feeling gratitude makes us happy! It sends positive energy into the world. Who wouldn’t want to be in an “attitude of gratitude”?

​But, what if gratitude was more than just an attitude? What if gratitude was just the beginning of a mindset of living gratefully? 


AI: Ray used the word “Evident”...... Frank26: IT'S OVER ................... WE WON......Another Dr. expressed it this way “Houston……we have LIFT OFF!” I like the sound of it. Maybe these gentleman have a glimpse of something we have not see .....yet!

Luckystrike1: Trump said with the tax reform many jobs and businesses coming will that be by way of influx of lots of money in the system from the RV????? uhmmmm just saying

RVAlready: I think there are several factors at play. Less corporate taxes may create more jobs. The RV should supply more spending money, and perhaps the government can pay down the debt a bit.

EP53: Lucky strike, just yesterday, as a result of the tax cuts on small businesses, our boss decided to restore the number of hours worked for the employees that he had cut in ordered to avoid having to provide healthcare to full time employees. Beginning 1/1/18 he will be offfering medical insurance

Compiled 12:39 am EDT 21 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Dec. 20 2017 The Office of POOFness - 12.20.17

1. The damage done by the veggies called US Presidents that have torn the country apart and stolen trillions from the people, was being fixed, but it would take a while.

2. (Trump's tax reform bill) marked the start of a reconstruction effort.

3. Earlier today Dec. 20 one of my department heades confirmed that one of his buddies was just paid out on a currency transaction.

4. Various rumors out there say that people were being paid.

5. Another source from the Pentagon also confirmed payments by this Friday Dec. 22.