November 22nd 6pm

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Frank26: Article:  “Transportation: More than 3,000 displaced persons return from Syrian territory to Iraq”

MONDAY CC SHARED ..................... They are Rushing The CITIZENS back to All Their Provence's ............ FAST !!!   For A Speech ................ IMO. 

Frank26: Article: “Hashemi: Abadi will announce the first list of large heads accused of corruption within a week”

"WITHIN A WEEK" ??? lol................. And MONDAY CC SHARED ......... IMO ............ These CORRUPTION FILES would be Busted open ............. "Not PRE RI but Post."

Doc.K: Be assured that if they make an announcement like this today , ** 6 weeks earlier than the Jan.1 date , they have already FROZEN THE FUNDS & CONFINED THE CROOKS. imo



BoMonkey: The Official Broadcasting Corporation of Zimbabwe (Z) said. B. Today, Wednesday, or of, former Vice President, will be sworn in as president on Friday after the resignation of Robert Mugabe, who ruled the country nearly 40 years ago.

Sunny: Interesting side note this morning. says, "FX, spot gold and silver will be open however trading will be subject to underlying pricing & liquidity being available." BUT, big BUT the US dealers who give the US based retail trader access to the FOREX will be closed both Thursday and Friday. NY FOREX Foreign based dealers will still be open for trading.

Lots of ways to speculate if this could be a time for a new rate release from any country?



Rich4hyip:  So the IMF finished the third review of the SBA with Iraq, they just sneaked in and tell the world that we are done….not any mention before… just like that. (see article below)

If this has to be done before the RI, i think this could be an indicator of the timing, that IMF has done their job,

It's entirely up to you Iraq to do your part…pull the freaking trigger Abadi…focus don't shake your hand …..don't be nervous… its fine.

Frank26:  Ahhhhhhhhhh? ........ Pretty much .............. YUUUUUUUUUUUP !!!

Dorthy's Mission was to give The Lion a Heart.

IMF's Mission was to give The Iraq Currency a Heart ................ RATE.

IMO ............... They both ............. MA. (Mission Accomplished)


Samson: Almost Every Country in Expansion Mode

22nd November, 2017

The robust health of the global economy has received significant press coverage in recent months. Beneath the headlines, there are a number of key trends that reinforce an optimistic view. The post-financial crisis cycle is morphing into a new phase of broader, more investment-led growth, which is reinforced by a resumption of expanding international trade.

After years of the global economy being beset by rolling economic crises, the breadth of economic growth conditions today is a welcome change. Survey data shows that almost every country is seeing expansion, a rare occurrence even from before the crisis.