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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday  3-12-18  

xyz: cbi: Alaq from Erbil: The delegation of the federal government is working on coordination with the region to unify taxes

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alak, on Monday, that the delegation of the federal government, which is visiting Erbil is currently working on coordination with the Kurdistan region to consolidate taxes, while confirmed the readiness of the bank's branch in Kurdistan to pay the salaries of employees in the event of an order from Prime Minister Haider Abadi.


The Maze: Funny, all the bank systems flagging China, just happen to be part of the SWIFT/Rothchild banking cartel...

Harambe:  CNBC: China is at risk of a banking crisis, a central bank body says (3/12/18)

China is one of the economies most at risk of a banking crisis, according to the Bank of International Settlements, which published its quarterly review on Sunday.

The report, which included a study on the early signs of a banking crisis, found China's debt — measured by a credit-to-GDP gap — surpassing an amount that could lead to a system fallout. The country also has a high level of debt servicing ratio, which made its banking system more vulnerable.
The credit-to-GDP gap measures the difference between the percentage of debt in an economy and its long term trend. A bigger number suggests debt is growing at a pace that may not be healthy for the economy.
Debt servicing ratio, meanwhile, refers to the amount of money as a proportion of income that's used to repay loans. A higher ratio means borrowers may have taken on too much debt than what their income can support.

"Survival Tips" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - August 24, 2017

In this unusual age of immanent and infinite sudden wealth, traditional emotional coping mechanisms will be challenged if not thrown out entirely.
​So what to do when overnight our zeros overwhelm our realities?

It's a fair and serious consideration ​right ​now.​ How do we enjoy our lives given the massive new responsibilities thrust upon all God's Human Angels living among the unawakened?

Below are a dozen ​p​ost​-RV Survival Tips that may accelerate your learning curve as well as allow you to consistently access joy no matter how radically different your today may fluctuate from your tomorrow.

Recaps Note: Since today seems so quiet in Dinarland we will be posting sone Post-RV suggestions. Some you may wish to make a copy of and some you may wish to modify to fit your individual needs and circumstances. We hope you find these helpful~ The Recaps Team

Originally posted by 30MDinar at TNT......

Remember... to CHANGE your telephone number and EMAIL address IMMEDIATELY post RV! Think about every call you have dialed in to and how your telephone number has been captured and added to a list. Well, what happens to that list? Do you want YOUR telephone number out there on a "dinar holder" "millionaire" etc. list?

Remember - your goal should be to own NOTHING personally and be judgement proof. Think assett PROTECTION. Get with someone who is a licensed professional in good standing who knows what they are doing. Look in to trusts, foundations etc.

IMPORTANT: when you exchange - make sure you do NOT agree to give the bank power of attorney over YOUR money.


Samson:  Deputy: Tuesday's session of the laws and the presidency requires mandatory attendance

19:54 - 11/03/2018  

A member of the House of Representatives Abdul Hadi Mohan, on Sunday, to inform the Presidency of the Parliament members to attend the mandatory session next Tuesday, pointing to the existence of more than 20 draft laws on the agenda.

"The presidency of the parliament informed all members that the obligatory attendance of Tuesday's session the day after tomorrow and leave or leave is not allowed for any member," Mohan said.

He added that "it was reported to include more than twenty draft laws and amend the law on the agenda of implementation of some laws of great importance," noting that "the table is free of the Federal Court and the most controversial oil and gas in the Council."

He pointed out that "the insistence of the presidency on the mandatory attendance, so as to devote members next week to launch the date of election propaganda."

It is scheduled to hold the House of Representatives, next Tuesday, a new session to vote on a number of bills.    LINK