May 5th 6pm

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News, Rumors and Opinions Late Friday Afternoon 5-5-17

DinarTatoo:  SO FRANK ….you think Dr. S would show up when Trump decides to go and congratulate A?  It would be a great day to see the 3 of them make the announcement all together. Maybe that is what we are waiting for!!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but if we don't get an announcement before Ramadan it will be more than likely after and would be a great gift to the country. Maybe they will do it right before when A tells about the recapturing of the cities.  

Aggiedad77:  It's been said before that Dr. Shabibi is enjoying his retirement in Switzerland.....don't look for him to come back.....he knows his country is in good hands.....with Abadi and Allak......

As for Ramadan.....who truly knows.....I just know....I have a feeling....with money that has been moved....vast amounts of it.....with changes in prices that we've witnessed.....with the changes in salary payments that we've seen......something IMO needs to happen...and by all rights it should happen well before Ramadan....
( Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps. )

May 5, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
First I have to clarify something today about an article I presented by MP Al Bajari. It   was not done so to create a lot of stir. It was simply an article that was recycled by the news media. I thought I should present it since it was recycled and seemed to follow the 5 year plan to rebuild Iraq (like Marshall Plan). Do you want to know the truth? So let’s not bury out heads in the sand just because we don’t want some event to happen and thus ignore it. I know it sounded crazy to wait for another 5 years. This does not change the reality. Instead let’s research about each article intelligently as see if we can make sense of it.
I thought I commented on my opinion clearly, apparently I did not. So I will clarify again. I think it is all past tense and we should believe the CBI had to wait for 5 years 2012 to 2017. But they would have to use the 2012 timeframe to base the beginning of the 5 year mark and this is key to the article. 

Re-posted for our newest readers

Note: Every bank will probably be different…you may want to make a copy of “possible” perks and ask the bank of your choice which ones are available for you.


Here is a revised list of bank perks that I would like to share with the TNT Dinar members. If anyone have a list of perks that are different, please post them so we all can benefit.  LC 

Bank Perks

1.      No fees ever for foreign currency exchanges

2.      Provide a Private Banker/Wealth Manager at the time of exchange to initially park the funds in an overnight high yield interest rate account that will yield a minimum of 1% per month.    

3.      Family Office Services

Salamon69:  Wow!  This article is sweet. Kind of like the opening shot to tell the runners to start the race.   We are getting so close...  

Don961:  Minister Issa was in the Iraqi delegation @ the IMF meetings a couple weeks ago

Iraq, WB start financial reform


Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Acting Finance Minister Abdul Razzak al-Issa stated that the financial reform in the country, in cooperation with the World Bank (WB) has been started.
This move complements the agreement in Washington last Spring.

He pointed that this project will concentrate on financial administration and the implementation of the budget at the finance ministry and other departments.

Minister Issa added that the priorities of the project is to develop governmental investments.