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Don961:  A couple things ... negotiations stopped for 4 years because of security concerns ... but it's good to go now .... and ... aren't SA and Iran s'pose to hate each other ????.... but are still willing to do business / make money together ....hmmmmmmmm

Iran plans to raise its oil production in the joint fields with Saudi Arabia and Iraq

05/11/2017 - 15:40

It announced that the Ministry of Oil of Iran that it plans to raise its production of oil in fields shared with all of Saudi Arabia and Iraq .  
The director of affairs of the technical company oil areas central Iranian Ahmad Rajabi , on the sidelines of the exhibition International of the 22 industry of oil and gas and petrochemical and chemicals, seen by the " Economy News " , that " the size of the production of oil from fields shared with Iraq increased by 30% in 4 years " , indicating that " the fields of oil joint with Iraq , which oversees the company, is Aban and oil a month and Baydar West and Dehloran ."   

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Dinar Updates Wednesday Early PM Chat  5-10-17  Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

tycho says():Saw on Facebook fifa is letting Iraq have games again in Iraq
clay says to tycho():thats international
tycho says():yes yes yes
clay says to tycho(how w/o an international currency
tycho says():saw one on their stadiums massive
clay says to tycho():saw that too
tycho says():can't see them with this rate, need to change soon
clay says to tycho():we can only hope

Dinar Updates Wednesday Early PM Chat  5-10-17  Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

ABNewsflash says():Hello room!
sunshine1 says to ABNewsflash():Good Afternoon!
ABNewsflash says to sunshine1():Good afternoon ,how are you today
sunshine1 says to ABNewsflash():Very blessed! and you?
ABNewsflash says to sunshine1():i am excited!
ABNewsflash says to sunshine1():wanna know why i am excited
sunshine1 says to ABNewsflash():Looks like Mosul will be completed soon and the Iraqi people can start rebuilding their lives.
sunshine1 says to ABNewsflash():Yes, why are you excited?

Post From Peoples Dinar
Member News Excerpts & Highlights

MrsClassy:    Rasheed Bank starts tomorrow to sell the dollar for travelers at the official exchange rate
09/05/2017 Economy news Baghdad:   Detect good Tuesday, Bank performance on Wednesday to sell the dollar for travelers at the official rate, adding 10 branches in Baghdad to sell the dollar.
Good Bank said in a press release received "news" economy, ", the Bank will proceed Wednesday with selling the passenger and assigned price.


MilitiaMan: RE:    Don961:  Investment fee income reduces the budget deficit

5/11/2017 0:00  Baghdad / morning

requires the economic stage through which Iraq find the diversification in revenue for treasury state, venerating, especially from the departments and institutions that provide services directly to the public, since undoubtedly the diversification of fiscal revenue, especially from non - oil sectors would ease the proportion of Almozaznh deficit .

In this aspect , called economic researcher Firas Amer to financial interest in maximizing revenues for government departments, realized from the collection of wages or withheld fees for services, as is a tributary of the support of the general budget of the country through non - oil resources.

Amer said in an interview with the "morning" that the amounts realized from the collection of direct wages and services, as well as sales generated by a number of ministries and departments contribute to the provision of funds for the budget as well as ease part of the burden of payment of salaries.

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