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​​Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments  4-4-18

Iraq General News > Iranian currency continues to collapse .. The price of the dollar reached 5100 Toman

Kaperoni Moderator  Iranian currency continues to collapse .. The price of the dollar reached 5100 Toman

April 03 2018 08:27 PM  Baghdad Post  The Iranian currency continues its collapse against the dollar on Tuesday, reaching its lowest level, and the dollar is worth 5100 tomans, while the other currencies have reached one million and 700 thousand tomans.


Fuze: A number of Dinarians over the last month had already started to anticipate an after election public release of the RI, for various reasons. Some because on average election season in any democracy has a destabilizing affect, even in the so called "developed nations". Other's due to rumors. The former considered the following:

There has always been a few issues of primary consideration expressed in public by high level CBI officials regarding the RI timing, starting with Dr. Shabibi. 1. Inflation (2-4%). 2. Reserves and Debt ratio balance. 3. Political Stability. 1 and 2 are CBI controlled issues and are good to go; but number 3, well? Maybe subjective? 

Historically, countries making major moves with their currencies, have used a ruse to throw speculators off the trail. Similar to what Iraq posted yesterday about holding off the release until after the elections.

Speculators are major concerns during the process. Their dilemma is, they must inform and educate their citizens about the new currency and at the same time, minimize speculation; hence they normally use a ruse to accomplish that task.

Kuwait used an assassination story. Other nations used uprisings to bank collapses. 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Night  4-4-18  

futuremoney: here we go again...  https://www.iraqinews.com/baghdad-politics/iraqi-president-sues-parliament-speaker-over-budget-violations/

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraq’s president filed a lawsuit against the chief of the country’s parliament over what he believes are legal and constitutional violations in the recently approved 2018 federal budget.

The petition, filed before Iraq’s supreme federal court, cites 14 violations, among which are those related to the allocations set for the autonomous Kurdistan Region, which, according to the president, were at odds with the constitutional stipulation to set a “fair” share for the region.

​How To Safely Remove Your Husband’s Skull
OMTimes  By Alan Cohen

The Jarawa Tribe, in the Andaman Islands, has fought off nearly all attempts by civilized people to penetrate their domain. As a result, this primitive culture has retained its customs for thousands of years.

Yet a few visitors have been accepted, returning with remarkable footage of a kind of people nearly otherwise decimated from the earth.

I saw a documentary that introduced Jawara women who wear the bones of their dead husbands around their necks. In some cases, the widow totes the man’s skull. 


Hazen: Is this ride almost over? And when I mean over, I mean rate change. When is that going to happen? Iraq has everything in place and we still wait.....when Kuwait revalued they didn't have electricity, etc. I just don't get it?  I can't wait to sing "Happy Days

Stephenmac63; Its easy to try and compare Kuwait to Iraq, such as Middle Eastern country, speak arabic, both have thier own version of dinar. ect, ect but the huge difference between Kuwait and Iraq is when Kuwait was invaded by Saddam.

Kuwait had a sound monetary system, economic structure, functioning government when Saddam invaded. After Saddam got kicked back to the Green Zone, Kuwait had to do some physical repairs such as bridges, buildings, streets ect. And they were back in business.

Iraq, on the other hand, got destroyed, a corrupt government, ISIS being enouraged by Maliki. Iraq was so destroyed that there really wasnt anything much to repair as it had to be flat out-right rebuilt. Iraq had to be rebuilt, Kuwait had to be repaired.  IMO, of course