April 30th 10pm

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8 Crucial Insights For Creating A Rich Life
The Spirit of Prosperity  By Colette Baron-Reid
Did you know that you live in an abundant universe where prosperity and wealth are your birthright? You do! Do you have faith that you’re supported, no matter your present circumstances? You are!
I know it’s sometimes hard to see the abundance in our lives, especially in today’s changing world where few of us have been untouched by economic concerns.
But, even during tough times, we still have everything we need and more. In fact, prosperity can be ours no matter what’s going on in our lives and around us. It’s all a matter of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we CHOOSE to live by.
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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Evening  4-30-18  
Xyz  Iraq's economy is entering an unprecedented historical turn
Iraq's economy is entering an unprecedented historical turn
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The government revealed an economic step that may turn economic turn in the history of modern Iraq.

An Empowering 7 Step Process To Deal With Bullies Online
By Omtimes Magazine

3 Actions You Can Take To Feel Better  By Emma-Louise Elsey  
It seems that when we’re ‘online’, people say out loud all the things they might just THINK if we met in person. Social graces disappear and we get a mean, hurtful or abusive comment-slap when we least expect it.
Why do so many people make nasty comments online? Well, when we’re online, there’s a barrier that means we can’t see the humanity of the other person. When they write that nasty comment they’re talking to a machine or a photograph, but not YOU. 

​Online bullies often have no idea who you are, where you’re coming from – and little or no real idea of the impact of their comments.

Recaps Note: DizzyBear will be missed by many…Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family…May he Rest in Peace.


Millionairess: Dizzy Bear passed away unexpectedly on April 29 (aortic rupture). Please keep his family and friends in prayer. May he Rest In Peace

Facts n Opinons Tweet: For all our FnO Call following friends, some very sad news today - Our beloved DB passed suddenly last night from an aortic rupture.

MajgGirl: Sad to hear about Dizzy…prayers for his family

J52p408: i asked Nancy about arrangements and she does not know

LinnieQ: How Extremely sad. So many have left the dinarland family too soon and too suddenly lately. Dizzy was such a kind and gentle soul. Prayers for his family. He will always be missed. Praying God's peace and grace for his family.

Elmerf123456: The outpouring of love shown to our friend Dizzy Bear is is very touching. He was a very brilliant man. Another Dinarian family member gone too soon. Regardless of the Forum your part of, regardless of your beliefs, we all share the same objectives and that’s to see this through. DB was very kind to me and I will hold a special place in my heart for him. He taught me and many others priceless info. Dizzy you will be missed!