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Some Highlights from Wednesday KTFA Call 11-29-17

Frank: The IMF and the World Bank are warning Iraq that they need to stop the currency auctions and raise the rate. 

Frank: Based on their reserves, Delta calculates they need to do this ASAP.

Frank: They have about $43 billion in reserves, but if it drops to $36 billion the IMF says they are in trouble because $7 billion is not enough of a pad, especially since their burn rate is several billion USD/month.

Frank: The IMF know the greatest point of corruption is occurring in the auctions.

Frank : IMO They were worried about leakage of bank secrets from the third meeting and they are seeing that now. Everything is all set to go but they just now need to show it to us. 

By Marcia Sirota Md
Do You Seek to Be More Resilient?
Life can be beautiful, but occasionally it can also kick us in the teeth. We can experience loss, disappointment, adversity.

Eventually, everyone has to face their fair share of pain. What makes the difference between someone who barely survives these challenges in life, and someone who meets these challenges head-on and thrives? It’s the presence of resilience.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Night 11-29-17  

Hennessy: @blackgold i dont think ive ever met anymore who watch/believes in youtube conspiracy theories as much as you
chattels: Kurdish ‘Liberation Army’ threatens to attack Hashd in Tuz Khurmatu By Hunar Ahmed

chattels: TUZ KHURMATU, Kurdistan Region – A new armed force of about 200 fighters has been formed east of Tuz Khurmatu. They call themselves “the Liberation Army” and their objective is to fight Iraqi forces, especially the mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi, who are accused of human rights violation against Tuz Khurmatu’s Kurdish population since taking control of the city in October.

Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments 11-29-17

​.Kaperoni  Moderator  Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > Alnasiri: The central bank succeeded in developing and restoring confidence in the banking sector

November 28 2017 10:54 Baghdad Post

He said economic adviser to the banking and the Association of Iraqi private banks Samir Nasiri, Tuesday, that the policies and measures adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq and implemented by the Iraqi private banks is a program clear and specific work goals of the boards of directors of banks and executive departments, has proved successful at the level of re-trust sector, international and domestic banking and finance.

Nasiri said that among these policies classification of banks and evaluated according to their commitment and application of international standards in the rules and regulations of compliance with international accounting and combating money laundering and terrorism financing and management of credit and operational risk and liquidity risk and market and achieve the goals of monetary policy in maintaining exchange rates and reduce inflation and stimulate economic growth and building sector banker discreet