January 25th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 1-25-18  

Sergio: Question? Understanding the law, in a criminal case. If content that has been confiscated in a illegal search and seizer because of a illegal search warrant. Then under the law all evidence gathered must be stricken from the case. In most cases a judge will throw the case out of court.

A warrant has a define scope of what is allowed to be searched. If then the warrant was obtained under false pretenses. Any filings against any person or entity can not be used in a court of law.

It is part of the constitution of the USA of the rights and procedure of this country, even if a entity or person is guilty of a crime.


ChrisC: I want to throw something in for you to look at. First, let me say that I am sold on the fact that all markets are rigged to a great extent, especially the metals and of that, especially silver. Knowing that, one would think it would be stupid to trade silver but in this regards, I am stupid.

The gold and silver charts are showing some very bullish activity after what looks like a very long bottoming. It could happen, but I wouldn't pin a lot of hope on gold or silver tanking much further.

Stand4Christ: IMO, regardless of how much (central) banks mean to rig gold and silver, the coming metal crash will be inevitable due to the "reverse investment effect" of IQDRV.  

Let me explain this in a more simple terms. The value of a currency really comes down to "how much it can buy" (asset prices) and "how many people are willing to believe in and use that currency" (that means, demand and velocity in circulation). 

An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to the Multilateral
Jcollins January 7, 2018 Economics, FREEPOM, Geopolitical

QAnon, Commodities Booming, Dollar Depreciating, QE Shrinking, and the Mighty Trump Agenda

As a part of the multilateral monetary and geopolitical transition from the USD dominated unipolar American world, POM has consistently made some fundamental predictions on what would need to happen to make a multilateral world possible.

One of these predictions was the inclusion of the Chinese currency in the basket composition of the Special Drawing Right (SDR). Check. Old news now. Another was the ending of Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve, and eventually other central banks. Check. Old news on the Fed, and other banks have followed.

​Post Emailed To Dinar Recaps
Sent From RHW Redheadedwitch

​Subject: Security Pre & Post CE

   I also am in security. Although I don't work with musicians, athletes, movie "stars", politicians etc; I believe there are some points that may (or may not) have been previously suggested.
    I work to help keep 1 port city secure by working on the ocean going cargo vessels secure, and the merchant seamen, (from countries A-Z), that the US Coast Guard doesn't want on US soil, onboard their respective vessels.
  The areas I want to bring up are these:
1) When this goes live, call the 1-800 #'s (If you are in a group), if not call the bank you want to deal with (do the exchange at), talk to their foreign currency department. At this point, I would have my phone number changed, all of them, once you make the appt.


Some Highlights from Wed. Night CC: 1-24-18

Frank26: IMO Iraq has an International Currency Now 

Frank26: IMO CBI has a strategy and are distributing the LD’s ( Lower Denominations) in the banks now

Frank26: This week Dems asked President Trump how he would pay for the Wall…..He said (IMO) to ask him next week!

Frank26: We told you Family to wait until Davos was over ….and soon President Trump will make his keynote Speech in Davos

Frank26: President Trump will also say IMPORTANT THINGS in his State of the Union Speech!

Frank26: IMO..Something is planned for January….Don’t know for sure if it’s to raise the value??? Next week my teams and I will know more.


DELTA:  US Vice Foreign Minister in Baghdad next Sunday

1/25/2018 0:00

BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel-Latif

Visiting Deputy Foreign United States Secretary John Sullivan of Baghdad on Sunday for talks on activating the strategic framework between the two countries on the diplomatic, political and economic levels of the Convention.

The Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives Rinas Gano »Sabah»: Sullivan will arrive in Baghdad next Sunday and will be received by Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al - Jaafari, noting that this visit comes in order to (wink) activate the strategic framework between the two countries in diplomatic, political and economic aspects of the Convention.