October 14th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday 10-14-17  
xyz: Kurdistan Region submits proposals to Baghdad with the oil file
xyz: Parliament will hold its Wednesday and will organize a celebration on the occasion of the referendum on the Constitution
xyz: Talabani family out of silence and drew criticism of "Barzani" wrong policy 


Lilypadktfa: I am remembering some months back, the meetings being held in Iraq, IFO, being held to work on the exchange rate i.e. managed float as learned from the Kuwait RV. 

IMO, the TAG audit is being used to solidify and compare the results of those meetings along wth the feasibility study before the IMF meeting on Oct 16.

This will be the third meeting to review the SBA. On Oct. 16, The CBI will be given the green light to introduce the RI whenever Abadi gives his green light via the liberation speech of all of Iraq. All these checkpoints (tools)are being used to insure a successful RI/RV.
All being stated in my opinion and giving my opinion to the question asked by Frank earlier in this thread regarding how close we are. 
 If I was Abadi, I. would be waiting for clearance from the October 16th meeting before giving the ‘LET’S ROLL’ speech which should be occurring within a few days giving credit to Delta’s video translation. 

Originally posted 4-20-17

Forbidden Knowledge: Global Currency Reset Q/A

Submitted by Dr. Faith
Dear Faith,

There are many rumors about an impending Global Currency Reset (GCR). I've found Lynette Zang from ITN Trading to be very plain-spoken and straightforward in the past. Here, she answers questions from YouTube followers about the GCR on April 6th:

1) "What does a Global Currency Reset look like?

What are the indications and warnings that it's about to happen and what happens when it comes?

Are there any historical references for this?"


MilitiaMan:   Loans equate to interest rates. That is huge.. imo ~ MM

Don961 :  Al-Rafidain: MasterCard International allows granting advances and loans of all types

2017-10-14 at 10:26 (Baghdad time)

Al-Rafidain Bank said on Saturday that the MasterCard card offers its customers several banking advantages, including granting them advances and loans.

The Bank's Information Office said in a statement received by Mawazine News that "the banking services provided by the bank through the electronic payment tools (Master Card) are the advances of all types and loans."

The office added that "MasterCard's advantages are the ability to withdraw money from anywhere inside and outside and enables its holder to use it in the purchase or promotion of all the websites, Facebook, shopping from international brands and the purchase of smart phone applications as well as technical and modern aspects used through them."      LINK

Bluwolf Saturday Update
10.14.17 A terrific storm devastated the island of my birth. All 3,525,000 souls now hurt. Many countries want to send us there help, but some in Washington decided to impower the Jones act. 

On day 22 after the storm they came to give me a small box of rations, what a joke, right, what about the 21 days before and from the 23rd day forward.  

Many have lost so much and are now force to leave, my son and his family are one of them. This action has devastated my whole enter life. For I now am left all alone and this hurts me so bad. 

I only pray that those charlatans who still are meddling with this rv would do that which is correct and liberate it. Puerto Rico needs to be secured, rebuilded to new standards. We need to restore the electricity and the water sources. We need need to get back to work by next week if not many will go hungry from lack of money and work. 

The road ahead is still hard, but I am staying just to make sure that I can comfort through my faith those just like I that have fallen done on one knee. All warriors touch the ground on one knee but beware of them when they arise for he will give the fight of his life. 

I am Bluwolf, and both I and the people of Puerto Rico will rise again. Puerto Rico Se Levanta. God bless us all.

​Na'maste Bluwolf