August 31st 10am

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday AM 8-31-17 
Cree: @spanki true, but look at Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, all they have is oil in the ground just like Iraq - There is something terribly wrong in Iraq - they should be rich.....
Cree: @MichelleL That's not good.... If the plant blows then there go oil and gas prices....
MichelleL: @Cree its not an oil plant, but its got some dangerous peroxides and other stuff - the health hazard is the question mark here
chattels: My apologies for having misread the Barzani interview report this morning.

​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
August 25, 2017 Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

Negative Interest Rates Have Come To America

One of the truly mind-boggling absurdities in modern finance has been the creation of ‘negative interest rates’ around the world. 

Negative interest rates are particularly prominent in Europe. 

Starting back in 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) slashed its main interest rate to below zero. 

One bizarre effect of this policy is that some banks have passed on these negative interest rates to their retail depositors.   LINK

This trend has persisted across Europe, Japan, and many other parts of the world. 

by whitehatsauxiliaries
Greetings To All of You, I am safely home again and I thank you all for indulging my absence.
Time to move to a clean thread since the last comment count was pretty large.
After some consideration, I have decided to remove the DEFCON system. In its place, just have your material handy and organized, and await word from whence it cometh.
We will do our best to spread word as quickly as possible, should that day arrive. Simply keep in daily contact and have a major federally chartered bank in mind for your possible disposition.
As far as I know, progress is being made on several fronts.