June 21st 6pm

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Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday AM 6-21-17

​ElmerFudd: Morning all, so what is the cheesy excuse for the day?
ElmerFudd: Hey Clay.
clay: @ElmerFudd hey wish I knew who everyone was lol
ElmerFudd: All new names in here.
clay: oh lol
Brow: Maybe a New Window will open at the End of Year or Beginning of 2018-But Not Until Then
ElmerFudd: Wish I had more of an english map of Mosul. They are reporting more of what sections that they have liberated, but all the maps I see are mostly in Arabic.


Frank26:  DAESH JUST BLEW UP THE MOSQUE .................... 

Beas45:  Islamic State blows up landmark Grand al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul-Iraqi military statement

Islamic State militants blew up on Wednesday the Grand al-Nuri Mosque of Mosul and its leaning minaret, an Iraqi military statement said.

(Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli; Editing by Toby Chopra)  LINK

Read More

Full KTFA Monday Night CC Notes from 6-19-17  Part 2 of 2

Frank26:  Months to weeks….weeks to days….days to now hours….to minutes….to seconds…and now they run into the future faster….these auctions are totally different Family….this is why Iraq runs into the future now at the speed of light….because they have an international vision….they have a vision of their future…..good for them
They run into the future while handling the present.
Family the Holy Bible teaches us without vision people simply perish…or because of a resistance to a change people will perish….Iraq has been going crazy for many years…..for over a decade….with uncontrolled movement….with disorganized leadership that destroys and creates chaos instead of the vision they have now for order, unity, Security and Stability….

They now have a vision to move into a Revaluation future with the actions that are being presented within their auctions…..this country is changing….this country is being run differently…and the IMF requirements are being fulfilled…..if you walk with the wise…..you will be wise….hence why the US and other powerful international countries are pouring into Iraq….and the reason why Abadi is now going on his tour.


Aggiedad77:  Family here are the Notes from Monday Night's CC.....enjoy....I would strongly recommend you go back and relisten to at least the part about the recording with DELTA as I am never sure I get everything he says.   Aloha    Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

 CC Notes Monday 06-19-2017

Frank26:  We now walk into the study of our investment with the Iraqi dinar.  For those of you on TEAM Chat you have the advantage to our Monday Night Conference Call because you have the privilege….you are privy to see what I am doing with our TEAMS…..whatever subject that we are dealing with at that moment….

And when we are together on Monday, the TEAM Chat Premium members have already looked into it and studied it a little deeper…..I want to applaud….give recognition…..give a standing ovation to a handful of people who have  been becoming very studious with us here at KTFA


Wycoffjul:  Article : “Iran Proposes Visa-Free Regime with Iraq, Trade in Own Currencies”

Good article.... Don't see how you you can trade with a currency that is worthless, do you?

Pearle:  Seems like they lining up their ducks...lots of international articles coming out

Buckeyefan:  Read article and hopeful, but Iran to Iraq does it necessarily mean potential international, or just between country to country? Thoughts? That's been my concern

Luvwulfs:  Buckeye they have to go international. They are just gonna have relations with Iran.

Bobinfanti:  Muslim around the world are going to celebrate the end of #Ramadan on the 25 but #Iraqis are going to celebrate early with #Mosul liberation

I have had 3 different people in the last week contact me, they received great news about a group exchanging NOW, no matter what the rate was, they were "going to the bank to exchange". (Red Flag # 1)
SIGHT UNSEEN, never have ever met these people, never took the time to research these exchangers, one group said they were attorneys. (Red Flag # 2)
Guess what - they went to this official looking office.  It was stated to them "this particular office was set up for "private reasons" off site of any bank" (Red Flag # 3)


Earthfirst:   Iran Proposes Visa-Free Regime with Iraq, Trade in Own Currencies
Iran Proposes Visa-Free Regime with Iraq, Trade in Own Currencies

June 21, 2017 in Iraq Banking & Finance News, Iraq Industry & Trade News

Iran’s first vice-president put forward a proposal to lift visa requirements for the Iranian and Iraqi travelers, and also called for trade exchanges between the two countries using their own currencies, namely rial and dinar.

Addressing a meeting of high-ranking delegations from Iran and Iraq, attended by the visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and held in Tehran on Tuesday, Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri called for the expansion of banking cooperation between the two neighbors by removing the trade obstacles.

To that end, he proposed, Iran and Iraq can begin to trade using their national currencies.