April 20th 10am

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KTFA Members "News and Views" Thursday AM 4-20-17


RE: Frank26  Wed. Night Videos:

Cole:  Can I paint my take at an "eagle view" standpoint? I'm just gonna shoot a couple bullet points to keep it short and sweet... this list will consist of "reallys?????" "TA FREAKIN DAs" and "may I have another cookie?" Reactions... here goes it...

Backwall date for releasing Mosul? (Who told them to do that? Think about it... who has helped fight the most of any foreign country against daesh?) u.s.  (April 30th)

"Iraq pay your bills" -imf

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Restored Republic Via a GCR Rumors as of April 20, 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 20 April 2017 by Judy Byington

A. April 19 2017 Real Truth Call Yosef, Tank:

1. They were trying to force the RV to come in today, April 19.

2. The Zim paid out in Hong Kong today, April 19.

3. Humanitarian programs received their dispersement today, April 19.

4. The Segmented roll out was confirmed today, April 19.

5. Paymasters have been notified.

Dinar Updates Wednesday Late PM Chat   4-19-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

larrykn says():Placeholder for reform is likely to pass the oil and gas law in the next legislative term
Date: 11:41 2017/04/19   Information/Baghdad.
Guessed mp national reform stream Tawfiq Al Kaabi, Wednesday, oil and gas law passed during the next legislative term of the House of representatives, indicating an intention to pass all laws during the next.
Kaabi said in a statement/information/, that "there is an intention to pass important laws during the next legislative term of the House of representatives", stating that "on top of those parties and legal accountability and justice".

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