May 3rd 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  5-3-18  

Chattels     US support for new Iraqi gov’t may hinge on approach to Kurds: analyst By ROJ ELI ZALLA

Zig  Eventually that call will be found at

chattels   “Whoever does come to power will need to be able to work out some deals with the government of the Kurdistan Region and with the Kurds of the country,” said David Pollock, Kaufman fellow at the Washington Institute.

“I think that the United States in particular is pretty determined to make that an important priority as we look towards the next Iraqi government and what its policies are and whether we can support it.”

OMTimes  By Guy Finley

Close Encounters with Crisis Can Bring Healing

Any of us may have a close encounter with crisis; forced through these close encounters to find the way back to health and balance. Even though the truth is never further away from us than our wish for its awakening and self-healing insight, there are distinct moments in life when it comes closer to us.

Unfortunately, almost all of these important, potentially life-changing close encounters or moments are entirely missed. This is because what is wrong with us, our false nature, sees what is true as an attacking enemy.

OMTimes Magazine By Curry Glassell

Wealth Creation and Finding Prosperity

I often say it doesn’t matter who your parents were or how you were raised. The ability to prosper has nothing to do with how much money you have but, rather, what you are willing to create for yourself. So, how about focusing on wealth creation?

Creation is about stepping out of the points of view you have about money (which are normally the beliefs and perspectives you adopted from your parents, friends and communities) and opening yourself up to greater choice and opportunity.

To create, you must stop coming to conclusions about who you are, what you are capable of and what you deserve, and start living in the infinite possibility of a question: If I was willing to create abundance for me, what would that look like?


SJosh: I believe Frank and WS have addressed this point VERY well already, though I meditated on this today myself and I felt drawn to share my reflection of how "real" this is getting.

It happens to me too - I get stuck looking at what HASN'T happened "by now" instead of watching the dominos fall and looking back at what all HAS taken place... ESPECIALLY since the beginning of this year. Reflecting back on what we've seen play out, we have watched this "zoom in" from a macro (LARGE scale) level to a micro (personal/small scale) level, as NEEDED to happen for them to dial in success on ALL of these levels.

This is an IMO synopsis of what has occurred most prominently since the turn of the year:

End of December 2017: USTreasury posts an official statement that they have lifted all sanctions between the US and Iraq

(think, BIG level - this is "opening the door", so to speak, between the countries internationally)