October 21st 11am

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Post From Dinar Alert
​DA Member News Highlights & Comments 10-21-17

kaperoni Moderator: The significance of the banking delegation's visit to America

19/10/2017 Yasser mutawalli

"It's an initiative Tsenhak praise, because the reception of the US delegation to the private banks came on the sidelines of a great stand - alone efforts of the Iraqi Association of private banks in order to meet with major correspondent banks in the world."


Friday UPDATE for October 20, 2017

Celebrations are anticipated for Iraq on Saturday, platforms and bleachers have been constructed and strategically placed and an extremely large Iraqi flag has been mounted.

The Prime Minister's speech is accordingly scheduled as preparations are being completed.
Iraqi TV is showing military mobilization to retake the last two provinces held by Daesh along with officials speaking of being congratulated for their efforts of economic reforms.

They talked of many countries and /or businesses getting involved to help them rebuild the country. 

Some US banks are anticipating exchanging everyone starting next week.....they are seeing a higher Dinar rate on the screen. Time Will Tell!

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Friday PM 10-20-17  

Zig: We are not here to burst peoples' bubbles so to speak....we try to get to the truth...so you may not like what some members have to say here....lol...we get things out in the open...people dig and expose the BS out there....and the con artists....

yz: Barzani calls on the Kurds in the world to demonstrate to support the Kurdistan region http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/219259/-

Spectra: 400,000 thou a month Barzani ---lol
Spectra: that is what he racking for a salary
Spectra: imnot going to ignore that

​7 Financial Advisor Red Flags
By Andrew Beattie

Many people depend on financial advisors to handle some part of their financial affairs. Giving over that kind of responsibility can be scary, so it is important that advisor be both competent and working in your best interests.

While it is difficult to know these things with absolute certainty, there are some obvious red flags that investors should watch for. If research into your advisor raises one of these flags for you, it may be time to move on - or at least to begin asking questions and digging deeper.


Spiritled77: Why oh WHY are we still here.....can somebody pleaaaassse tell me!!!!

Luvwulfs: Spirit there are high expectations for this week. Hang in there

AuthorSamOliver:   Implementation of Article 140                                                                                                           Oglu calls on parliament to proceed with the legislation of the oil and gas law and include the phrase “oil extracted”...............Alsumaria News / Baghdad

called the House of Representatives decision MP Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, Friday, parliament to proceed with the legislation of the oil and gas law and include the word “oil extracted”, adding that the draft of the bill is still in the inclusion of the committees of energy and legal Alniabaten for more than ten years.