December 25th 11am

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All of us at Dinar Recaps would like to wish all our Readers a Very Merry Christmas. 
We wish that all your dreams and wishes come true this coming year. 

Due to the holiday, we plan to have new posts off and on today and tonight. Please check our  BLOG PAGE  for any new posts. 

On Christmas Day we plan to have 10am and 6pm (ET) email Newsletters (no 10pm(ET)). 

Have a happy and safe holiday. 

The Dinar Recaps Team


Lobster: "If it's in print, it's already done!".....hmmmmmmm

Cogic1: Glad to see American Express, Master Card and Visa logos on the screen. I guess that’s a good thing...


JesusLovesBaseball: Qicard

To ensure you have a safe banking experience easy and fast the Rafidain Bank sponsored Dr. Khawla Al - Asadi and in collaboration with the company to launch an ATM service based on the principle of enhancing communication with customers by responding to their needs and aspirations for premium banking services.     LINK   

As a financial adviser, I have occasionally found myself feeling envious of certain clients. Not because of their wealth — but because they were disciplined and determined enough to do all the right things that enabled them to accumulate their wealth and, in many cases, retire early.

Despite my expertise, I, like a lot of people, sometimes struggle not to do the wrong things that make being rich, let alone retiring at all, a pipe dream.

Financially responsible and successful people don’t build their wealth by accident — or overnight. Becoming rich takes serious willpower and long-term vision.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night 12-24-17  

chattels: Al-Arabi Newspaper/December 22, 2017

chattels: Courtesy of Butifldrm at DinarAlert

xyz: @chattels DinarAlert? Do you mind ask Kap respond? Please ... I owe you one

chattels: @xyz His initial response was the same as mine.

xyz: @chattels haha does he has breaking news call?

chattels: @xyz " .............. he is stating it is "difficult," nothing more."
chattels: @xyz I am not critical of Kap as others here.

chattels: @xyz " This second article makes it more clear. Alaq is giving a progress report on the plans to open the currency to a float. They have taken "a package of measures" to bring them to the point where a float will work.


StephenMac63:  In a way, I am so glad the RI has not happened for us before Christmas as there would be a lot of "emotional shopping" that would wind up to be foolish purchases later.

Example, had the RI arrived at this point in wouldnt be able to purchase a house as it takes 30 days to close.....but you could purchase a new vehicle.

Right now is a great time to purchase a vehicle.....this year's model, not next year's which has been out since September of this year.

Auto dealers offer great incentives to get rid of the 2017 models right now. You get a reduction on the markup price for the 2017. The 2018's will have built-in "bragging rights" which are only good for a couple of months before you realise that you overpaid for that luxury.

After Christmas is when the real sales begin.....

The old man sat in his gas station on a cold Christmas Eve. He hadn't been
anywhere in years since his wife had passed away. It was just another day to him. He didn't hate Christmas, just couldn't find a reason to celebrate.

He was sitting there looking at the snow that had been falling for the last
hour and wondering what it was all about when the door opened and a homeless man stepped through.

Instead of throwing the man out, Old George as he was known by his
customers, told the man to come and sit by the heater and warm up.

"Thank you, but I don't mean to intrude," said the stranger. "I see you're busy,
I'll just go."